You can contact Bas van Bavel about the following topics:

  • Interaction between the economy, society and institutions
  • Society
    • development
    • what is a “good society” (success factors)
    • relations between social groups
    • resilience of societies
    • different societal systems (including associations)
  • Resilience
    • resilience to shocks and hazards
    • societal resilience and adaptation
    • vulnerability
  • Comprehensive wellbeing
    • economic growth and wellbeing
    • measuring comprehensive wellbeing
    • wage development, labour share
  • Economic (in)equality, distribution
    • historical development of wealth distribution
    • wealth distribution in the Netherlands today
    • relationship between wealth distribution and power
  • Market economy
    • development of the market economy
    • organisation of market economies
    • effects of market functioning

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