Dr. Antonie Knigge

Sjoerd Groenmangebouw
Padualaan 14
Kamer C2.02
3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. Antonie Knigge

Assistant Professor
+31 30 253 4541

Antonie Knigge is Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department and member of the research school ICS. He is interested in social inequality and social mobility. Currently, he studies de complex interplay between genes, environment, and institutions to get a better understanding of the transmission of inequality over generations. In his VENI-project, he investigates how the design of the school system influences inequality of opportunity. Does it matter, for example, at what age students are sorted into different school tracks for their opportunities to realize their potential and for the role that socioeconomic background plays in this?  


In 2015 he graduated cum laude with his dissertation titled “Sources of Sibling Similarity. Status Attainment in the Netherlands during Modernization”. He received the price for best PhD Thesis from the European Consortium for Sociological Research. This research focuses on intergenerational social mobility in a historical context and applies sibling methods to large-scale databases.


For an accessible impression of his work, you can watch lectures, listen to a podcast, and read a blog-article: