Dr. Katharine Fortin
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Katharine Fortin is an Assistant Professor of public international law and human rights at Utrecht University’s Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM). The focus of her current research is the legal framework which applies to non-international armed conflicts. In October 2015, she defended her PhD on the accountabilty of armed groups under human rights law and was awarded a cum laude

In addition to her research at SIM, Katharine teaches human rights law, public international law and international humanitarian law, as well as regularly coaches students for the Jean Pictet and Frits Kalshoven competitions in international humanitarian law. She is the founder and co-editor of the Armed Groups and International Law blog. 

Strategische thema's / focusgebieden
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Rape as Torture: A triumph or a straitjacket, University of Utrecht Science Shop of Law, Economics and Govenance, October 2008 ('Thesis off the Shelf Prize')

Alle publicaties
  2016 - Artikelen
Fortin, K.M.A. & Bartels, Rogier (2016). Law, Justice and a Potential Security Gap: The ‘Organization’ Requirement in International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law. Journal of Conflict and Security Law, 21 (1), (pp. 29-48).
Fortin, K.M.A. (08-08-2016). The Application of Human Rights Law to Everyday Life under Rebel Control. Netherlands International Law Review (August 2016), (pp. 1-21) (21 p.).
  2016 - Websites / portals
  2016 - Voordrachten / lezingen
K.M.A. Fortin (11-02-2016) Accountability of Armed Groups under International Law
K.M.A. Fortin (23-03-2016) Accountability of Armed Groups under International Law : Crimes against Humanity
K.M.A. Fortin (11-05-2016) On 11 May the new Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Leo Beulen, gave a lecture for UCIS. In his lecture Beulen elaborated on international military cooperation and overseas operations. He drew from many personal experiences, as Beulen has served in both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan, and was, as Director of Operations at the Defence Staff, involved in military missions worldwide. Beulen also was the deputy commander of the German-Dutch Army Corps in Münster.
K.M.A. Fortin (08-04-2016) Relevance of Article 9 of the Articles on State Responsibility to Armed Groups, ILA Spring Conference, British Branch, April 2016
K.M.A. Fortin (18-01-2016) Seminar on Interviewing Techniques in Research, Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law
  2015 - Voordrachten / lezingen
K.M.A. Fortin (30-11-2015) The Notion of 'Accountability' in International Law
  2013 - Artikelen
Fortin, K.M.A. (2013). Complementarity between the ICRC and the United Nations and international humanitarian law and international human rights law, 1948-1968. International review of the Red Cross, 94 (888), (pp. 1433-1454) (22 p.).
  2008 - Artikelen
Fortin, Katharine (2008). Rape as Torture: An evaluation of the Committee against Torture’s attitude to sexual violence. Utrecht Law Review, 4 (3), (pp. 145-162).
  2008 - Boeken
Fortin, Katharine (2008). Rape as Torture: A triumph of a straitjacket?. (102 p.). Utrecht: Utrecht: Science Shop of Law, Economics and Governance, Utrecht University.
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International human rights law - LLM

International humanitarian law - LLM

Public International Law - University College Utrecht

Comparative Human Rights Law - Bachelors

Frits Kalshoven competition training

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Member of Utrecht Centre of Accountability and Liability Law, Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations and the Perpetrator Studies Network. 

Katharine Fortin is the contact person for the Netherlands Shelter City programme which welcomes human rights defenders from third countries, seeking rest and rehabilitation. 

Katharine is also the contact person for the Netherlands Human Rights Dialogue. The Human Rights Dialogue is an initiative by Cordaid, the Dutch Committee of Jurists, The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and Dietz, Dröge en Van Loo. It is held twice a year and provides a platform for the discussion of human rights related themes by a range of invited experts from the Netherlands and abroad.

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