Prof. dr. Keimpe Algra

Geschiedenis van de Filosofie

Keimpe Algra studied philosophy and classics at the University of Utrecht, where he obtained his Ph.D. (cum laude) in 1988. He has published widely on ancient philosophy, with a special focus on Hellenistic philosophy and ancient physics and cosmology. He is the author of Concepts of Space in Greek Thought (Leiden 1995) and (co-)editor of several scholarly volumes, including the Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy (1999). His latest publications include K. A. Algra & J. M. Van Ophuisen, Philoponus On Aristotle’s Physics 4, 1-5, Bristol (Bristol Classical Press) 2012; and K. A. Algra & K. Ierodiakonou, Sextus Empiricus and Ancient Physics, Cambridge (CUP) 2015.

He was Dutch Royal Academy Professor (2000-2003) and was appointed as professor ordinarius in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the University of Utrecht in 2001. In 2001 and 2002 he was also visiting professor at the Department of Classics of the University of Amsterdam and in 2014 he was invited visiting professor at Yale University (USA). In 2014 he was appointed distinguished Faculty professor of Ancient Philosophy and Science at the Humanities Faculty of Utrecht University.

From 2003 until 2007 he was Dean of the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Utrecht; from 2007-2013 Vice Dean for research and Dean of the Graduate School for the Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities (merger of the former three Faculties of Arts, Philosophy and Theology and Religious Studies). He is currently (since 1 September 2014) Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Utrecht.

For the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) he has chaired committees on quality indicators for the humanities (report: Quality Indicators for Research in the Humanities, KNAW, Amsterdam 2011), on integrity, science policy and public trust in science (report, commissioned by the Dutch government: Vertrouwen in Wetenschap, KNAW, Amsterdam 2013), and the advisory committee (also on behalf of VSNU, KNAW, NWO and NFU) on a new Dutch national code of conduct for research integrity (report: Adviesrapport Commissie Verkenning Herziening Gedragscode Wetenschapsbeoefening, 2016). He is currently chair of a committee, installed by KNAW, VSNU, NWO and other institutions, that is preparing the text for a new national code of conduct for research integrity. As of 1 January 2017 he is also chair of the Council for the Humanities (Raad voor de Geesteswetenschappen) of the KNAW.

Geschiedenis van de filosofie