Dr. Jakub Dotlacil

Universitair hoofddocent
Language, logic and information
Universitair docent

Jakub Dotlacil is an assistant professor at the department of Languages, Literature and Communication. His research encompasses formal semantics and pragmatics, computational cognitive modeling and psycholinguistics with focus on reading research.


Together with Rick Nouwen, Jakub leads the NWO VC project Pragmatics and Semantics In Cognitive Modelling. In the near past, Jakub worked on inguisitive semantics, a semantic framework to analyze questions. As part of the project, Jakub was involved in developing a framework for dynamic inquisitive semantics.


Jakub teaches in BSc and MSc Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence programmes.


His personal website can be found at http://www.jakubdotlacil.com.