I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge I have acquired will serve as a strong foundation for my future as a proficient researcher

My experience as a Legal Research Master student has been profoundly enriching and full of growth. Following the completion of my Bachelor of Law in Indonesia, I harboured a strong aspiration to utilize research as a potent tool for the advancement of legislation, the bridging of law and society, and the realization of human rights. The master’s programme has served as an instrumental platform, bringing me closer to the realization of this vision.
The programmes Dynamics courses have provided me with invaluable opportunities to engage in critical analysis of legal principles, fostering a deeper understanding of complex legal concepts. Simultaneously, the Methodology courses have stood out for their innovative approaches, fearlessly challenging established research methods and encouraging profound introspection. These approaches have honed my critical thinking and analytical skills.
What distinguishes this Master’s is its commitment to facilitating personal exploration of research interests. Throughout my study, I had the privilege of delving into a wide array of subjects, ranging from the right to bodily integrity to the intricate dynamics of the human rights movement. In my second year, I was also able to undertake a research internship with an international organisation, a testament to the programmes dedication to practical and real-world application of research skills. Additionally, I was able to participate in a human rights summer school, an opportunity that broadened my horizons and deepened my commitment to the field.
As I reflect on my journey through the Legal Research Master, I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge I have acquired will serve as a strong foundation for my future as a proficient researcher. Whether within academia or beyond its confines, I am confident that the program has equipped me to make meaningful contributions to the field of law and human rights.

Annida Putri (Indonesia)
LLM Legal Research

Alumnus Aalt Colenbrander tells you more about his career after completing Legal Research: 

Be part of a diverse and small community of ambitious students from all over the world

Being a Legal Research Master student has been an extremely rewarding and enriching experience. After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree I developed a very broad interest in several fields of law and a strong ambition to engage in thinking and writing about complex legal issues. The Master turned out to be a perfect fit for a student like me. To my mind, the programme finds it strength in a unique combination of providing flexibility to students in shaping their own programme, a series of in-depth substantive and methodological courses and small-scale supervision of leading experts.

Throughout the Master I conducted research on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Rights to European Criminal Law. In doing so I developed my own, distinct research profile and got acquainted with the craft of doing legal research at a very early stage of my career. In that process, the programme provides students with one-to-one supervision and dedicated advise of highly regarded professors. I still benefit from this experience on a daily basis. The Master also enabled me to get to know legal practice through an internship at a law firm, which can easily be accommodated within the programme. Moreover, I had the privilege to be part of a diverse and small community of ambitious students from all over the world. This made the programme stimulating and great fun at the same time.

The Legal Research Master also turned out to be the perfect preparation for my current job as a PhD Candidate. This has not only been my own personal experience, but also that of my fellow students who are now working on their PhD, whether they do so in Florence, London or the Netherlands. The same goes for alumni that have not ended up in academia. The vast skills-set that students develop throughout the programme equip them very well for a wide range of jobs, whether it be as a diplomat or as a practicing lawyer. So, whatever career I want to pursue after finishing my PhD, I believe that this Master has prepared me for it very well.

Max Vetzo (The Netherlands), Alumnus Legal Research, PhD Candidate at Utrecht University