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Improving learning, education and training

Better education and training for all are of the utmost importance when it comes to developing our society. In this Master’s programme, you will learn to develop, evaluate and improve learning processes and learning environments from a variety of theoretical perspectives. You will do so by means of state-of-the-art methods and approaches in several different contexts; from a classroom setting to the non-profit and commercial sectors, and with a focus on people in all phases of life. This means that the person doing the learning may be a pupil, student or employee, but also a lecturer, educator or trainer, depending on the context. During the study programme, you will learn to optimise learning environments so that they meet the needs of the learners themselves and of society as a whole.

During the programme you will master an academic educational scientific and systematic approach. You will acquire and further develop theoretical knowledge of:

  • instruction design, including
  • e-learning
  • educational psychology
  • assessment and evaluation
  • change management in organisations
  • professional development and Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • research methods and skills

What can you expect?

  1. Focus on learning and learning environments
  2. Training on how to conduct research
  3. Strong link between theory and practice
  4. Multidisciplinary, international orientation
  5. Ties to societal issues and involvement from professional practice
  6. Specialisation through electives

Read more about these characteristics under ‘Why in Utrecht?

Variants and extra teacher education options

This Master’s programme is offered in a full-time variant (average of 40 hours of study per week) or a part-time variant (average of 20 hours of study per week).

Within both variants you can opt for the Teacher Track, if you are in possession of a teacher qualification (in primary, secondary or higher education in the Netherlands) and want to be trained to become an educational innovator.

New option: Are you interested in becoming a primary school teacher?

Starting September 2022, in collaboration with Hogeschool Utrecht, we offer the opportunity to combine the Master's Educational Sciences with a Bachelor's for a qualification to become a Dutch primary school teacher. This will be a two-year programme in which you will do both studies part-time.

More on these extra options under ‘Why in Utrecht?’

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Degree: This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
  • Title: MSc
  • Master's degree in: Onderwijswetenschappen
  • Programme: Educational Sciences
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1 year
Credits: 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
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Social and Behavioural Sciences