Learning from Nature: where science meets sustainability

Bio inspired design and science are used for innovations that support a transition to a sustainable, circular economy. The Master’s programme Bio Inspired Innovation (BII) offers a unique blend of knowledge and skill training that will support the search for and development of circular business-models and bio inspired research & innovations.

Scientist at the design table 

Nature evolves solutions for the societal challenges we face today. Many birds and butterfly species for example, like peacocks, use light-interacting structures to produce colours and patterns. With the discovery of this biotechnology, scientists and engineers have been able to produce colour through structure. BII is aimed at students with a Bachelor’s degree in Science who want to innovate services, products and production systems, and are interested in using bio inspired design and science. You can become the biologist at the design table and facilitate innovations that take their lessons from nature. You will become a professional that contributes to the transition to a circular economy with Bio Inspired Innovations.

Working like an ecosystem and sharing lessons from nature is crucial in today's challenging times.

Innovation, research and design

This Master’s programme builds on the excellent research at the Faculty of Science and links research findings to solve societal and business challenges.

First year
The first year is research based, while the second year focuses on the use of research knowledge in innovation. In the first year you will be part of an advanced research environment linking to your area of expertise (major research project). You learn to set up and execute research and discuss and report its outcomes. Moreover you will start to explore and learn about multi-disciplinary innovation, collaborative business modelling and design. You will attend seminars and workshops, some of which you will organise yourself, that allow you to prepare yourself for the second year.

Second year
In the second year you will get in depth knowledge of Biomimicry and other design and innovation methods through courses and an internship.

Interest in Bio Inspired Innovation

Although BII is a new Master's programme, it has already attracted a lot of interest. For example, the programme appeared in an item on Dutch television. See the press release with the item (in Dutch). Our Master's student Brigit van Brenk won the 'Changemaker Challenge' with her research on using fungi to breakdown waste in wastewater. And the fact that a team of 1st year BII students have made it to the finals of the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge attracted a lot of attention as well.


Degree: This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
  • Title: MSc
  • Master's degree in: Biosciences
  • Programme: Bio Inspired Innovation
Accredited by the NVAO
Croho code:
Language of instruction:
Part- or full-time status:
2 years
Credits: 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)
Start of studies:
Application deadline:
  • Dutch & EU/EER students: 1 June 2018
  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 April 2018
Tuition fees:
Graduate school:
Life Sciences