From September 2023: revised Master’s programme

The content of the Master’s programme in Youth Development and Social Change (previously named ‘Youth Studies’) has been revised. The students below were enrolled in Youth Studies.

Leonie Boor, alumna Youth Studies, talks about her experiences

Amely Bechir studied Youth Studies

Amely Bechir

"After finishing my Bachelors programme Social Legal Services, I worked for a care organisation in Utrecht. I liked the job, but it lacked substance for me. That's why I decided to enrol again. I chose Youth Studies, because this Master's programme focuses on youngsters with a variety of behavioural problems. The question of ‘why do people think, feel and act the way they do’ and to what extent their behaviour is determined by nature or nurture has always interested me.

During the Master's programme, I decided to do two internships simultaneously. I worked for the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children and at the Centrum Jeugd en Gezin (Centre for Youth and Family) in IJsselstein. That was tough, because I was also working on my thesis. But both internships turned out to be very worthwhile in multiple ways.

At the office that reports about human trafficking and sexual abuse of children, I mostly did research and at Centrum Jeugd en Gezin, I developed a prevention programme for the municipal government. I recorded all activities in that field and advised to start a discussion group for children with parents who are addicted or have histories of psychiatric problems. These children have an elevated risk of developing the same behaviour.

Substance misuse and addiction are themes that continue to interest me, which is why I now work at Victas (now Jellinek) in the care and treatment of drug addicts. I train youngsters, parents and professionals on how to handle substance-related and behavioural problems. I also conduct research and I am in the Vucta Science Commission, which determines which subjects need researching.

I was asked to  take part in Utrecht University's open-information days, so I am still in contact with a number of lecturers and researchers of the Youth Studies Master. The people who work there are very professional and they are always willing and ready to help you along on your studies."