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04/05/2011 | University College Utrecht


Willem Albert Wagenaar passed away

Former UCU Dean Willem Albert Wagenaar passed away on April 27th 2011. He was Dean of UCU in the years 2003-2004, when he showed a great passion and dedication for our student community.

After his deanship he continued teaching at UCU his highly valued course Psychology in the Courtroom until he decided to retire 2 years ago. Our students were extremely inspired by his thought-provoking lectures. His passing away has very much saddened us and we sincerely regret that the scientific community has lost such an eminent member.

The funeral and memorial service for Prof Wagenaar will take place on Saturday, 7 May, 10:30 AM at the Algemene Begraafplaats in Zeist.

U-blad online has published a special article about Prof Wagenaar: