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UCU is part of Utrecht University, which was founded in 1636. UCU itself was founded in 1998, and was the first university college in the Netherlands.

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UCU offers a three-year bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live and study on our residential campus.

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Afbeeldingen van Galenus uit verschillende perioden
3 July 2015
Tieleman receives funding from NWO for his project ‘Human Nature: Medical and Philosophical Perspectives in the Work of Galen of Pergamum’.
Sven Dupré
2 July 2015
This new chair focuses on the production and consumption of art and its embedding in the history of knowledge.
Illustratie bij persbericht Bert Weckhuysen
2 July 2015
3-D scans of single atoms show why catalyst loses power
game project
2 July 2015
Within the study Game Technology, bachelor students have developed games for companies.
1 July 2015
Growing concern over the impacts of global environmental changes on the state of the future oceans and their capacity to produce seafood



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