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UCU is part of Utrecht University, which was founded in 1636. UCU itself was founded in 1998, and was the first university college in the Netherlands.

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UCU offers a three-year bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live and study on our residential campus.

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Prof. dr. Karl Kügle
22 May 2015
Musicologist Karl Kügle and his team will study the rol of music in late medieval court cultures at a European scale.
Antarctic Ice
21 May 2015
The research was published in Science of 21 May.
Javier Cuoso en Koningin Maxima
19 May 2015
The Chilean lawyer Javier Couso held his inaugural address yesterday as professor of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity.
Marc Baldus
18 May 2015
"Our ultimate goal is to observe these kind of protein complexes at work in the cell. With this study we made a big step in that direction"
18 May 2015
In its early years, planet Mars comprised large volumes of groundwater, which regularly flowed to the surface, says PhD student Wouter Marra.



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