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UCU is part of Utrecht University, which was founded in 1636. UCU itself was founded in 1998, and was the first university college in the Netherlands.

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UCU offers a three-year bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live and study on our residential campus.

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9 September 2015
On 9 September, Marcel Kooij will defend his dissertation on the influence of telephone contact on therapy adherence in different medication
Opening academisch jaar EUR, Beatrice de Graaf - foto: Michelle Muus
1 September 2015
What role does the scientist play, and how can politics and institutional settings facilitate this role?
Recensent voor Vrouwen Bijzondere Collecties
31 August 2015
In het depot van de Universiteitsbibliotheek is een bijzondere lectuurgids voor vrouwen, een 18e-eeuws tijdschrift, teruggevonden. Lees er nu alles over.
prof. Roos Masereeuw
18 August 2015
Masereeuw is an expert in the field of renal pharmacology. She leads her field internationally with her research into a bioartificial kidney.
11 August 2015
Scientists have successfully managed to differentiate the ‘roads’ inside the thin endings of nerve cells using superresolution light microscopy.



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