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UCU is part of Utrecht University, which was founded in 1636. UCU itself was founded in 1998, and was the first university college in the Netherlands.

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UCU offers a three-year bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live and study on our residential campus.

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Maarten Kleinhans
2 March 2015
Physical geographer Maarten Kleinhans has been awarded an ERC grant of €2 million to expand his research into estuaries.
2 March 2015
Utrecht University and the World Health Organisation (WHO) will work together to make affordable patent-free medicines possible in developing countries
William Bell Scott, Iron and Coal, 1855-60 - Wikimedia Commons
27 February 2015
Surprisingly little is known about how and why industrialisation moved across the globe.
Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi
26 February 2015
Sandra Ponzanesi has received an ERC Grant to study the role of digital technologies in the integration of migrant communities in Europe.
Petra de Jongh
25 February 2015
Petra de Jongh has received a ERC grant of 2 million Euros for the development of catalysts for sustainable production of fuels, synthetics and pharmaceuticals



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