prof. dr. Annelies Zoomers
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Human Geography - International Development Studies
Endowed by Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht Universty
Date of appointment 01.09.2007
Inaugural lecture date 27.11.2008

Annelies Zoomers is professor of International Development Studies (IDS) at Utrecht University and chair of the Netherlands Land Academy (LANDac). After finishing her PhD in 1988, she worked for the Netherlands Economic Institute (Rotterdam) and the Royal Tropical Institute (Amsterdam) on long- and short-term consulting assignments for various organizations (e.g. the World Bank, IFAD, ILO, EU, DGIS) in various countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Between 1995 and 2007 she was associate professor at the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (Amsterdam) and was professor of International Migration at the Radboud University (Nijmegen) between 2005 and 2009. She has published extensively on sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviaton, the global land rush and international migration.

Scientific expertise
land governance
livelihood analysis
land governance
impact assessment
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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Schaefer, M.T., Zoomers, E.B. & Gekker, A. (01.02.2016). Between two hypes: Will big data help unravel blind spots in understanding the global land rush?. Geoforum, 69 (February 2016), (pp. 147) (159 p.).
Zoomers, Annelies, Leung, Maggi & Westen, Guus van (01.02.2016). Local Development in the Context of Global Migration and the Global Land Rush - The Need for a Conceptual Update. Geography Compass, 10 (2), (pp. 56-66) (11 p.).
  2016 - Professional publications
Kirigia, Evans, Betsema, G., van Westen, A.C.M. & Zoomers, E.B. (01.01.2016). Flowers for food? Scoping study on Dutch flower farms, land governance and local food security in Eastern Africa. (70 p.). University Utrecht.
van Noorloos, H.J. & Zoomers, E.B. (2016). 6. Het veranderende platteland – de nieuwe ‘rush’ voor land - (& other contributions to the book). In Christien Klaufus & Paul van Lindert (Eds.), Latijns Amerika: een regio in beweging (pp. 115-140) (26 p.). Volendam, Netherlands: LM Publishers.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Archambault, C.S. & Zoomers, E.B. (18.02.2015). The pressing need to secure women’s property rights under unprecendented land pressure and tenure reform. Global Trends in Land Tenure Reform - Gender impacts (pp. 1-12). Routledge.
Nijenhuis, G. & Zoomers, E.B. (2015). Transnational Activities of Immigrants in the Netherlands: Do Ghanaian, Moroccan, and Surinamese Diaspora Organizations Enhance Development?. In Alejandro Portes & Patricia Fernández-Kelly (Eds.), The State and the Grassroots - Immigrant Transnational Organizations in Four Continents New York: Berghahn Books.
Schoneveld, George C. & Zoomers, Annelies (01.01.2015). Natural resource privatisation in Sub-Saharan Africa and the challenges for inclusive green growth. International Development Planning Review, 37 (1), (pp. 95-118) (24 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. & Archambault, C.S. (18.02.2015). Global Trends in Land Tenure Reform. Gender impacts. (300 p.). Routledge.
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Kaag, M.M.A. & Zoomers, A. (2014). The global land grab - Beyond the hype. (272 p.). London: Zed Books - Radical International Publishing.
Phuc, Nguyen Quang, Westen, A. C M van & Zoomers, Annelies (2014). Agricultural land for urban development - The process of land conversion in Central Vietnam. Habitat International, 41, (pp. 1-7) (7 p.).
van Westen, Guus & Zoomers, Annelies (2014). Hulp en handel – over verantwoord ondernemen en duurzame ontwikkeling in Azië, Afrika en Latijns-Amerika. In Stefan Verwer, Lau Schulpen & Ruerd Ruben (Eds.), Hoe nu Verder? 65 jaar Nederlandse ontwikkelingssamenwerking Arnhem: LM Publishers.
  2014 - Professional publications
van Westen, Guus & Zoomers, Annelies (2014). Hulp en handel: draagt het Dutch Good Growth Fund bij aan duurzame ontwikkeling in Azië, Latijns-Amerika en Afrika?. Internationale Spectator, 68 (7/8), (pp. 45-49) (5 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Budidarsono, Suseno, Susanti, Ari & Zoomers, Annelies (23.01.2013). Oil palm plantations in Indonesia: The implications for migration, settlement/resettlement and local economic development. In Zhen Fang (Eds.), Biofuels - Economy, Environment ans Sustainability (pp. 173 - 193) (21 p.). Croatia, New York, Shanghai: InTech publications, Published: January 23, 2013.
Goldfarb, L.I. & Zoomers, E.B. (2013). The drivers behind the rapid expansion of genetically modified soya production into the Chaco region of Argentina. In Z. Fang (Eds.), Biofuels - Economy, Environment and Sustainability (pp. 73-96) (386 p.). InTech publications.
Pham Huu, T., van Westen, A.C.M. & Zoomers, A. (2013). Compensation and resettlement policies after compulsory land acquisition for hydropower development in Vietnam: Policy and practice. Land, 2 (4), (pp. 678-704) (27 p.).
van Laar, S., Cottyn, I.R.R.J.B., Donaldson, R., Zoomers, A. & Ferreira, S. (2013). ‘Living apart together’ in Franschhoek, South Africa: the implications of second-home development for equitable and sustainable development. In M. Janoschka & H. Haas (Eds.), Contested Spatialities, Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism (pp. 190-204) (15 p.). London/New York: Routledge.
Wiegant, D. & Zoomers, A. (2013). Vivir bien en los Andes Bolivianos: cambios ambientales y estrategias de adaptación en la Cuenca del Rio Chico, Chuquisaca. In J. Hoogester & P. Urteaga (Eds.), Agua e inequidad - Discursos, políticas y medios de vida en la región andina (pp. 139-164) (198 p.). Lima: IEP Instituto de Estudios Peruanos.
Zoomers, A. (2013). A critical review of the policy debate on large-scale land acquisitions: fighting the symptoms or killing the heart?. In S. Evers, C. Seagle & F. Krijtenburg (Eds.), Africa for Sale? Positioning the State, Land and Society in Foreign Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa (pp. 55-78). Leiden/Boston: Brill.
Zoomers, A. (2013). Medios de vida en ámbitos rurales: reflexiones sobre sus alcances y limitaciones. In J. Hoogester & P. Urteaga (Eds.), Agua e inequidad. Discursos, políticas y medios de vida en la región andina (pp. 87-94). Lima: IEP Instituto de Estudios Peruanos.
Zoomers, A. & van Westen, A.C.M. (2013). Reframing the land grab debate: The need to broaden and deepen the agenda. Global Environment, 12, (pp. 228–248) (21 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2013). Sustainable population growth. In S.M. Ba, M. Borgolte, D. Gabaccia, D. Hoerder, A. Julca, C. Menjivar, M. Schrover & G. Woolf (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration (pp. published online). Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  2013 - Professional publications
van Westen, G., Betsema, Gemma, Cottyn, I., van Noorloos, H.J., Nuijen, M., Schapendonk, J. & Zoomers, A. (2013). Corporate Social Responsibility in the agro-food sector - The contribution of Dutch and European agro-entrepreneurs to sustainable local development and food security in Africa . (133 p.). Utrecht: International Development Studies, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University.
Zoomers, A. (2013). Migratie en ontwikkeling in Afrika. Internationale Spectator, 67 (3), (pp. 2-7) (6 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2013). Land grabbing: Ontwikkelingskans of landjepik? Verkenning van een nieuw studieveld. Academische boekengids, Januari.
  2013 - Other output
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Brandao, F. & Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Europe's mobility partnerships with migrant-sending countries in the global south: A view from Cape Verde. In C. Gortázar, M.-C. Parra, B. Segaert & C. Timmerman (Eds.), European Migration and Asylum Policies: Coherence or Contradiction? An interdisciplinary evaluation of the EU programmes of Tampere (1999), The Hague (2004), Stockholm (2009) (344 p.). Brussels: Éditions Bruylant.
Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Globalización y 'extranjerización' del espacio: las consequencias de la Fiebre global de tirrapara el desarrollo local. In R. Rosales Ortega, L. Brenner & C. Mendoza (Eds.), Geografía Economica y social. Actores, instituciones y procesos globales (pp. 162-186) (25 p.). México: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Siglo XXI Editores.
Zoomers, E.B. & Nijenhuis, G. (2012). Does migration lead to development? Or is it contributing to a global divide?. Societies, 2 (3), (pp. 122-138) (17 p.).
  2012 - Professional publications
van der Steenhoven, E., Ruben, R. & Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Evaluatie van ontwikkelingsbeleid (IOB Special): Mislukken mag (Interview). Vice versa, 46 (juli 2012), (pp. 30-34) (5 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Grootschalige landverwerving in Afrika. Internationale Spectator, 66 (7/8), (pp. 371-375) (5 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Kijken naar migratie. Vice versa, 46 (juli 2012), (pp. 4-7) (4 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2012). Unequal worlds. Poverty, growth, inequality and the role of international cooperation. (40 p.). Advisory council on International Affairs, Ook in het NL: Ongelijke werelden. Armoede, groei, ongelijkheid en de rol van internationale samenwerking IST 2012 - International Conference on Sustainability Transitions.
  2012 - Other output
  2011 - Scholarly publications
Schapendonk, J. & Zoomers, A. (2011). Echoes in the Netherlands of an African migration expert. In J. Oucho (Eds.), Migration in the Service of African Development. Essays in honour of Professor Aderanti Adepoju (pp. 31-60) (30 p.). Ibadan: NOMRA. Safari Books.
Zoomers, A. & van Westen, G. (2011). Translocal development, development corridors and development chains. International Development Planning Review, 33 (4), (pp. 377-388) (12 p.).
Zoomers, A., van Westen, G. & Terlouw, K. (2011). Looking forward: translocal development in practice. International Development Planning Review, 33 (4), (pp. 491-499) (9 p.).
  2011 - Professional publications
Hilhorst, T. & Zoomers, A. (2011). How can large-scale transnational land acquisitions contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth?. ODI/DIE/ECDPM.
Zoomers, A. (2011). Food security and land grabbing. IIAS newsletter, 58 (autumn/winter), (pp. 19-30) (12 p.).
Zoomers, A. (2011). Food security strategies in South and Southeast Asia: improving food security in a context of land grabbing?. IIAS newsletter, 58 (autumn/winter), (pp. 19-20) (2 p.).
  2011 - Other output
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Adepoju, A., van Noorloos, H.J. & Zoomers, E.B. (2010). Europe's migration with migrant-sending countries in the global south: a critical review. International Migration, 48 (3), (pp. 42-75) (34 p.).
Brandao, F. & Zoomers, E.B. (2010). Sodade di Nhos Terra: the development potential of return migration to Cape Verde. International Development Planning Review, 3-4 (2010), (pp. 267-289) (23 p.).
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  2010 - Professional publications
le Grand, J.W. & Zoomers, E.B. (2010). Analysing processes of change in rural communities in northern Chuquisaca and Potosi (Bolivia) between 1995 and 2010. Summary report: fifteen years later: Development?. Den Haag: Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken/IOB, Proyecto de Investigacion sobre Estrategias de Desarolo II (PIED II) the "Mountain Risks" International Conference, Firenze Italy.
Zoomers, E.B. (2010). Nieuwe prioriteiten op de brede agenda voor internationaal ontwikkelingsbeleid. Internationale Spectator, 64 (4), (pp. 200-205) (6 p.).
Zoomers, E.B. (2010). Ontwikkelingssamenwerking in het post-Koenders tijdperk. Geografie, 19 (5), (pp. 27-28) (2 p.).
  2009 - Scholarly publications
Erste, H., van Houtum, H. & Zoomers, E.B. (2009). Trans-world. Debating the multiplicity of the relationship between people and places of borders in the age of transnationalism. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 100 (5), (pp. 577-586) (10 p.).
Steel, G. & Zoomers, E.B. (2009). Social Mobility in the Central Andes of Peru and Bolivia: towards a more dynamic and multi-local vision of poverty alleviation. International Development Planning Review, 31 (4), (pp. 377-396) (20 p.).
van Westen, G. & Zoomers, E.B. (2009). Sustainable development - Liberalization of land markets and new processes of land grabbing. (Report of the academic panel organized by IDS on 7 July 2009, Utrecht). Utrecht: Faculteit Geowetenschappen, Report of the academic panel organized by IDS on 7 July 2009, Utrecht.
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  2009 - Professional publications
Zoomers, E.B. (2009). Koop je eigen paradijs: Over land, mobiliteit en ontwikkelingsbeleid. Internationale Spectator, 63 (2), (pp. 72-77) (6 p.).
  2008 - Scholarly publications
Adepoju, A., van Naerssen, T. & Zoomers, E.B. (2008). International Migration and National Development in sub-Saharan Africa. Viewpoints and Policy Initiatives in the Countries of Origin. Leiden/Boston: Brill publishers.
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  2008 - Professional publications
Guerrero, E. & Zoomers, E.B. (2008). Procesos de titulación y gestion territorial communal (el caso de la Provincia Ayopaya). Barcelona, Spain: Intermón Oxfam.
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  2008 - Other output
Zoomers, E.B. (27.11.2008). Buy your own paradise. Over land, mobiliteit en ontwikkelingsbeleid. (41 p.). Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.
Zoomers, E.B. (2008). Migratietheorieën.
  2007 - Scholarly publications
de Haan, L. & Zoomers, E.B. (2007). How to research the changing outlines of African livelihoods?. Africa Development/Afrique et Developpement, XXXI (1+2), (pp. 121-131) (11 p.).
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  2007 - Professional publications
Adepoju, A., van Noorloos, L.A., Smith, L. & Zoomers, E.B. (2007). Promoting Managed Migration Through Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements Between European Migrant-Receiving Countries and Southern Migrant-Sending Countries: A Critical Review. (25 p.). Den Haag: Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.
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  2004 - Scholarly publications
Kaag, M., van Berkel, H.H.A., Brons, J., de Bruijn, M.E., van Dijk, J.W.M., de Haan, L.J., Nooteboom, G. & Zoomers, E.B. (2004). Ways forward in livelihood research. In D. Kalb, W. Pansters & H. Siebers (Eds.), Globalization and Development. Themes and concepts in current research (pp. 49-74) (26 p.). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academis Publishers.
  1995 - Scholarly publications
Wentholt, W., Zoomers, E.B. & Jansen, L. (1995). A critical review of structural adjustment and increasing women's economic participation. Advancing women's status: Gender, Society and Development. Wopmen and men together? (pp. 88-117) (30 p.). Amsterdam: KIT.
  0 - Other output
E.B. Zoomers (0). De slapende reus Afrika. (Sijmen van Wijk en Sanne de Roever voeren tweegesprek met Annelies Zoomers en Hans Ouwendijk over Afrika in "Onderwijs Innovatie, nummer 3 - september 2012, pp. 6-8")).
E.B. Zoomers (0). Land roof op de agenda van de G8 (In: NOS Nieuws: 'Met het oog op morgen').
E.B. Zoomers (0). Land verkoop in Afrika (Interview met de Wereldomroep).
E.B. Zoomers (0). Landlijstjes zijn achterhaald (Interview in Vice Versa online, 10-5-2011).
E.B. Zoomers (0). Various interviews as follow up of activities of the IS-academy related to the 'global land rush' and the launch of LANDac, including BNR-nieuwsradio.
E.B. Zoomers (0). Wereldwijd tiert de handel in landbouwgrond welig. Roofkapitalisme of ontwikkelingshulp (Interview met tijdschrift 'De Boer en Maatschappij/ Land academy').
E.B. Zoomers (0). Wherever I lay my head that's my home [interview].
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Life after dark: night time and the contestation of space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
01.09.2016 to 31.08.2020
General project description 
Role Researcher Funding
Other grant (government funding): Indonesian Educational Scholarship offered by the Indonesia Endowment Fund (Ministry of Finance)
Project members UU
2015 (NWO, GCP-programme): Follow the Food: foreign agribusiness and food chains in Africa.
01.10.2015 to 01.10.2019
General project description 

The challenge of feeding a projected 9 billion people by 2050 has triggered a strong influx of foreign investments in African agribusiness. However, it is unclear how these investments in global food supply affect food security at the local level in recipient countries. This complex global-local nexus serves as the starting point of the ‘Follow the Food’ project: how can foreign companies contribute to global food security, while at the same time foster inclusive and sustainable development, including increased food security, for local smallholders and poor populations?

The ‘Follow the Food’ project will assess the effects of foreign investments on local development and food security by comparing a variety of foreign agribusiness investment cases in different crops and business models across Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana. Focus will be on three local investment effects: impact on the livelihoods of local farmers engaged in the investment project; changes in the use of natural resources (e.g. land and water); and effects on local food markets (i.e. availability and accessibility of food). The key objective of the ‘Follow the Food’ project is to enable stakeholders to make a positive contribution to local food security. For private sector stakeholders this implies enhancing the understanding of agribusiness investors on their local food security impacts as well as awareness raising of local smallholders on inclusive business and how to engage in trade in equitable and food-secure ways.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant: The project is funded by the NWO-WOTRO 'Food and Business Global Challenges Programme'.
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Fair and Sustainable Advisory Services
  • Solidaridad the Netherlands
  • Solidaridad East and Central Africa Expertise Center
  • Solidaridad West Africa
  • St. Mary's University Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Feeder road development for inclusive productive employment
15.10.2014 to 15.04.2017
General project description 

Road infrastructure - the largest and most widespread public investment in SSA - is assumed to be a main driver of productive employment for the economic opportunities created by better access and direct employment opportunities road infrastructure development provides. This assumption is generally unqualified and unquantified and this explains the often single-purpose and non-inclusive planning of roads. The research is undertaken in Tigray (Ethiopia), looking at different agro-ecological conditions in the region and is compared with the Tana Basin area in Kenya.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant: NWO WOTRO Science for Global Development - Productive Employment: Research for Inclusive Development in Sub-Saharan Africa scheme
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Bureau of Construction Road and Transport Tigray Regional National State
  • Institute of Development Studies University of Sussex
  • Mekelle University
  • MetaMeta Research
  • The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute
Bridging the gaps between policy and practice on land governance, inclusive business and food security in Mozambique
01.07.2014 to 31.12.2016
General project description 

More information here.

In Mozambique, large-scale agribusiness is competing for scarce land and water on
which poor populations depend for their livelihoods and food security. Mainstream
donor and government policies stimulate large-scale agribusiness investments in
the country. By comparing different interventions aiming to strengthen local
inclusive development, and finding synergies between medium- and large scale
agribusiness investments and the local private sector, including smallholder farming
and micro- and small (women) enterprises, this participatory action research aims
to identify the main conditions for successful development of local livelihoods and
food security in a context of foreign investments. A key focus is on the gender and
land rights dimensions of the interventions. Evidence generated at grass-root level
contributes to knowledge development on policy, legal and institutional
perspectives. Overall outcomes and recommendations will provide input for
evidence-based policy development for civil society, government, donors and
private sector stakeholders via existing multi-stakeholder networks in and outside

Project partners: ActionAid Mozambique (lead partner), ActionAid Netherlands, International Development Studies - Utrecht University (in collaboration with LANDac)

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant: NWO-WOTRO Food & Business Applied Research Fund
Project members UU
Towards more inclusive, participatory and conflict-sensitive climate change interventions in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Kenya
01.01.2014 to 31.12.2017
General project description 


Project goal

Enhance the adaptive capacity to climate change of small-scale farmers and pastoralists in the arid and semi-arid regions of Burkina Faso, Ghana and Kenya. 

About the project

Increasing climate variability is affecting the livelihoods of many communities in developing countries. Policies aimed at climate change adaptation and mitigation are formulated and implemented in many of these countries, but often without much attention to the role that local people can and should play. This project concentrates on the importance of local level involvement in enhancing the resilience of people’s livelihoods. It focuses in particular on improving inclusiveness, participation and conflict-sensitivity of climate change interventions that are directed at farmers and pastoralists. The role of groups, which are marginalized based on distinctions of gender, generation, ethnicity or class, will receive special attention.

Expected contributions

Smart and effective policies build on a thorough awareness of complex realities.  This project brings together different scientific schools of thought to achieve a better understanding of the links between community participation in development, local power and conflict dynamics, climate change interventions and people’s adaptive capacity. As a second step, the project will contribute to the formulation of community-smart climate change adaptation policies and develop applicable tools and outputs for both practitioners and policy makers. All this will be achieved in close connection with the communities, policy-makers and practitioners that participate in the research. The ambition of the team is that, as a result of the research and its capacity building activities, marginalised groups will be better able to define their priorities while higher level policies will be better informed by local realities.



IDS UU (project leader), CCAFS (CGIAR), INERA (Burkina Faso), CARE International & Ghana, CSIR-SARI (Ghana), and ILEPA (Kenya)

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant: NWO-WOTRO Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries (CoCooN), CCMCC programme
Project members UU

Completed projects

LANDac: The Netherlands Academy on Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development 01.04.2010 to 30.04.2016
General project description

LANDac, the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development, aims at bringing together researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the field of land governance and development.

Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development
LANDac is a partnership between several Dutch organisations and their Southern partners involved in development-related research, policy and practice. The partners share a concern for increasing land inequality and new land-related conflicts, and how land governance – rules and practices on access to land – can be used to promote equitable and sustainable development in the Global South.

More information:

Role Researcher Funding
External funding: LANDac is one of the IS Academies for International Cooperation sponsored by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Project members UU
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Additional functions and activities

2016 to date. Chair of advisory board for research project ’Naar online aanwijzingen voor migratiestromen en bestemmingen vanuit Syrië' (2682) (WODC/EWB). Ministry of security and justice.

2016 to date. Member of selection committee for  Veni MaGW (NWO)

2016 to date. Member of the Advisory Reference Group of the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) for the study: Impact of ending support. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2015 to date. Member of Supervisory Board of SoilCares Foundation (Dutch Sprouts). Wageningen

2015 to date. Founding Chair of Shared Value Foundation (Amsterdam)

2014 to date.  Member board Advisory Committee for ORIO-programme (grants for infrastructure development in developing countries) Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland (RVO). The Hague.

2011 to date . Member of Supervisory Board NCDO (Centrum op het gebied van mondiaal burgerschap en internationale samenwerking). Amsterdam.

2009  to date. Chair of IS-academy Land Governance (directing a partnership between IDS (Utrecht University), Africa Studie Centrum (ASC), Wageningen University; Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), HIVOS; Triodos Facet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

2007 to date. Chair of International Development Studies (IDS) Group at Utrecht University)

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Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 2442
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 1399
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