Utrecht University School of Law

The School of Law has provided quality research and education for more than 350 years. Constant innovation has enabled the School to maintain its leading position.

Top-ranking research is conducted in all important legal fields: private law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law and international law. Researchers collaborate intensively with foreign partners, mainly from the angle of European and comparative law. The School of Law also conducts contract commissioned research and consultancy for other organisations. 

The extensive educational programme is based on academic research conducted within the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. Students are trained as highly qualified, internationally-oriented lawyers on the basis of modern didactical principles. The School of Law offers eight English-language Master’s programmes and contributes to the Transnational Law Programme, an English-language Bachelor’s programme. The Utrecht School of Law has launched the Netherlands’ most extensive international student exchange programme. In addition, training programmes for professionals are available.

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Multidisciplinary: legal researchers collaborate intensively with academics from other disciplines. The Law, Economics and Governance disciplines have joined forces in one faculty.
  • This approach supports socially relevant research, closely connected to current issues and developments.
  • The School of Law’s wide-ranging research areas and academic programmes attract the most talented and motivated researchers and students.


Alex Oude Elferink
23 July 2015
Alex Oude Elferink has been nominated to the chair of international law of the sea in the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.
8 July 2015
Enneking is appointed holder of the yearly rotating chair of the Tijdschrift voor Privaat Recht 2015 - 2016
Kinanya Pijl
6 July 2015
UCALL researcher Kinanya Pijl has been nominated for the award for Utrecht University's best Master's Thesis 2014-2015.

Utrecht University School of Law