Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance

1 Faculty, 3 Disciplines, 3 Schools

The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance at Utrecht University is proud of its unique combination of 3 disciplines offering both research and education—collaboratively and independently of each other. This multidisciplinary approach to research and higher education makes the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance a distinguished and innovative partner for high-level knowledge exchange.

The Faculty's 3 Pillars to Contribute to Society

The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance focusses on people who want to take on the responsibility of shaping our society—now and in the future. To do this right, the Faculty is firmly embedded in our society. Thus, people are more and more engaged together in finding solutions to the social issues of today and tomorrow. The Faculty contributes by sharing its knowledge and excellence in the 3 scientific disciplines of law, economics, and governance. By combining the insights of these 3 pillars, the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance can often offer an innovative perspective.

Find specific information about how the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance embodies this focus on social significance under Societal Impact.

Education and Research at Our Core

People who shape society—today and tomorrow—definitely benefit from a place where the community is key. At the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance, this community spirit is expressed through the 3 schools’ joint education and research initiatives. This sense of community extends beyond our university walls: the Faculty collaborates with businesses as well as authorities, with other institutes as well as centres for education and research in the Netherlands and abroad, or with anyone who wishes to enhance their expertise.

Would you like to learn more about how you can collaborate with the Faculty to build your expertise or that of your employees? For more information on higher education in Law, Economics, and Governance, please see Education.

Are you looking for a legal-economic-governance solution to a social issue? Do you want to know what the possibilities are to submit a research request or execute a research proposal? Please start your search on the Faculty Research pages.

The Faculty as a Connector

The Faculty is the overarching organisation that connects the pillars and offers extra possibilities. The pillars are the 3 internationally-oriented schools:

Together, they offer a host of high-level education and research possibilities, benefiting society as a whole.

Contact Us

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Panorama Utrecht
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Programme confernce Sustainability
2 October 2015
At Utrecht University we bring together sustainability research ranging from single molecules to complete planets.
28 September 2015
On 22 September U.S.E. started the academic year by reflecting upon current issues that play an important role in the world.
Ton Hol
25 September 2015
On 18 September, Professor Ton Hol, Head of Department of the School of Law, was elected chair of the Council of Law School Deans.

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