All education at Utrecht University is embedded in a vision based on a stimulating study environment and teaching that does justice to the various ambitions and talents of our students. The programmes offer personal, activating and a small-group learning experience and good supervision.


Winnaar Didi van Trijp, geflankeerd door de aanwezige genomineerden Tamar van der Kuil en Nicole Linkels - foto: Hilz
30 November 2015
Van Trijp studied notions on the structure of the universe among two Amsterdam chambers of rhetoric in the early 17th century.
Dr. Frans Wiering
27 November 2015
Wiering will focus on the collaboration between researchers in the humanities and computer sciences and on developing a Digital Humanities strategy.
Dominique Hagemans, Stefan Rudiger en Ianthe van Belzen
14 October 2015
First and second authors of a publication in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences




12 January 2016 15:00 -
Opportunities and pitfalls of interdisciplinary collaboration in the focus area game research
29 January 2016 09:00 -
On January 29, a group of leading scientists convened in Utrecht to talk about creativity in education.
19 March 2016 -
A workshop about the interrelation between the history of science and the philosophy of science.
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