Dr. Denise Bodden

Assistant Professor
Clinical Child and Family Studies

My research focus is directed at the (cost)effectiveness of interventions, anxiety and depression. In my PhD research, I investigated the (cost)effectiveness of the think, dare, do protocol in children with anxiety disorders (with Susan Bögels). Afterwards, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utrecht and investigated the effectiveness of intensive home-based treatment for multi-problem families (with Maja Dekovic). From 2011 untill 2015, I conducted a research with Yvonne Stikkelbroek (Phd) on the (cost)effectiveness of the Coping with depression course for clinically depressed adolescents. The last 5 years, I conducted reseach on the cost-effectiveness of blended CBT (online and face-to-face) with Sanne Rasing (postdoc). I'm now involved in reseach on CBT components in the prevention of depression in adolescents together with Marieke van den Heuvel (phd). Last, I investigate the efficacy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (parent counseling, family therapy and in young adults) with Denise Matthijssen (ACT therapist). As of June 2021 we will conduct a reseach on the effectiveness of ACT you way; a transdignostic intervention for young adults. Two days a week I work as a psychologist at Altrecht youth, Utrecht.

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