Prof. dr. W.K. (Willem) Kegel

Prof. dr. W.K. (Willem) Kegel

Physical and Colloid Chemistry
+31 30 253 2873

In my group we work on a broad range of subjects in the fields of soft-matter and biophysics. We study the self-organization of colloids, (block) polymers and proteins into various kinds of larger structures. Our approach is a combination of experiments and theoretical modeling based on statistical thermodynamics.


Recently we developed a model to explain cooperative transitions involving hydrophobic polyelectrolytes and lipid bilayer membranes, see for a preprint on arXiv here


In our work on transcription regulation we investigate the influence of various factors on the level of transcription of well-defined genetic architectures. In parallel we develop statistical thermodynamic models based on collaboration with colleagues at Caltech, see here.

Find out how the so-called titration effect in transcription regulation facilitates self-sustained oscillations in a minimal genetic feedback loop here

And, check this one out on 'colloidal viruses'!


Colloidal viruses

Genetic regulation with colleagues at Caltech

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