Dr. Willemijn Ruberg

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Cultural History
Cultural History



Workshop on The History of Bodily IntegrityWillemijn Ruberg (Participant)
22 Jun 2023
keynote 'Het recht op lichamelijke integriteit. Een geschiedenis'Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
9 Jun 2023
, Symposium Sirius (students Utrecht Law College) Het recht van top tot teen
Gastcollege LichaamscultuurWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
20 Mar 2023
comments on Law as PerformanceWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
14 Mar 2023
, New Book Symposium on Julie Stone Peters’ Law as Performance, Queen Mary, University of London
Gender and the history of the right to bodily integrity. New Voices Talk Series, Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists PaderbornWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
2 Mar 2023
'How to write a history of the body', Colloquium Ethics and History of Medicine GöttingenWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
23 Feb 2023
Vingerafdrukken, DNA en ontoerekeningsvatbaarheid: een cultuurgeschiedenis van forensische experts in de rechtbank in de 20e eeuwWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
16 Feb 2023
member examination committee and jury PhD thesis Kevin Dekoster, Ghent University (Event)Willemijn Ruberg (Chair)
, member examination committee and jury PhD thesis Kevin Dekoster, Ghent University


Modern forensic cultures in Europe: Researching culture, ideology, and medico-legal expertise in practice’, invited talk for the Sarton Centre for History of Science, Ghent UniversityWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
15 Dec 2022
The right to bodily integrity: a praxiographical and ontological approach’, Conference Ontologien des Körpers. Neuvermessungen der Körpergeschichte der Neuzeit, BernWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
26 Nov 2022
, Ontologien des Körpers. Neuvermessungen der Körpergeschichte der Neuzeit
paper on concept 'forensic culture'Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
17 Jun 2022
, Forensic Voices: Cultures of Sonic Identification
Bodily integrity and forensic science/medicine in the 20th century. Research Meeting Department of Sociology. FSS MUNI (Masaryk University), BrnoWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
20 Apr 2022
gastcollege LichaamscultuurWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
7 Mar 2022
The history of the right to bodily integrityWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
28 Feb 2022
, UHSK symposium Diving into Diversity. A take on women's history
recent trends in the (history of the)humanitiesWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
25 Jan 2022


Repoliticizing the history of the body. Talk for Cultural History Seminar UUWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
29 Apr 2021
gastcollege History of the BodyWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
23 Apr 2021
Keynote:Forensic bodies: bodily (in)violability in modern criminal investigationWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
16 Apr 2021
, LUCAS conferences Bodies Matter
Authority and Expertise: Tension Between Psychiatrists’ and Lay Knowledge in Dutch Cases of Infanticide, 1930-1960Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
26 Mar 2021
, ESSHC 2021
member examination committee and PhD defence Léjon Saarloos, Leiden University (Event)Willemijn Ruberg (Chair)
, member examination committee and PhD defence Léjon Saarloos, Leiden University


Hysteria revisited: diagnosing hysteria in Dutch forensic psychiatry (1900-1960)Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
28 Aug 2019
, EAHMH 2019
Lichaamsgeschiedenis na de material turnWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
23 Aug 2019
, Historicidagen 2019
Woudschoten conferentie Gewina (Third Bi-Annual Dutch Conference in the History of Science)Willemijn Ruberg (Participant)
21 Jun 2019
Guest lecture 'Race and gender in the history of the social sciences'Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
9 May 2019
Cultural History SeminarWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
2 May 2019
college Ouderdag UHSKWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
22 Mar 2019
, Ouderdag UHSK
A cultural history of forensic scienceWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
19 Mar 2019
, Descartes Centre History of Science colloquium
Embodiment and Experience:The Relationship Between Phenomenological and Poststructuralist Approaches in Body HistoryWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 2019
, History of Experience: Theories, Methodologies, and Concepts
invited talk on 'Forensic Culture'Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
22 Feb 2019
, Research Parade UHSK
Innocence in Cases of Infanticide: Dutch Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry, 1925-1950Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
, History of Science Society Annual Meeting


Workshop on how to prepare a PhD proposalWillemijn Ruberg (Participant)
30 Oct 2017
workshop 'Het emotionele zelf'Willemijn Ruberg (Organiser)
1 Sept 2017
Het criminele zelf. Psychiaters in de Nederlandse rechtbank (ca. 1900)Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
1 Sept 2017
, workshop 'Het emotionele zelf'
Keynote 'The Criminal's Hair, Body and Mind'Willemijn Ruberg (Keynote speaker)
1 Jul 2017
, Corpus Historicus. The Body in/of History
Hysteria in the courtroom: Gender, emotion and Dutch forensic psychiatrists around 1900Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
27 Apr 2017
Workshop ‘Evidence of Feeling: Law, Science and Emotions in Modern Europe’Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
10 Apr 2017
Human Nature in the HumanitiesWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
28 Feb 2017
Human Nature in the Humanities: Body HistoryWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
27 Feb 2017
De forensische wetenschap in Nederland (1811-2000). Cultuurhistorische perspectievenWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
, Expertmeeting 'De toekomst van de strafrechtsgeschiedenis'


Society for the Social History of Medicine 2016 Conference Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
8 Jul 2016


Writing the history of Dutch forensic medicine as a history of knowledge practicesWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
19 May 2015


Menstruatie voor het gerecht. Het vrouwelijke lichaam en de forensische geneeskunde in de negentiende eeuwWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
12 Dec 2014
, Wel en onwel. Het lichaam in de negentiende eeuw
Fetishism, empathy, anxiety. The researcher's emotions in the archiveWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
27 Nov 2014
, Exploring the archive
International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity (Journal)Willemijn Ruberg (Peer reviewer)
International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity (Journal)Willemijn Ruberg (Editor)
2014 → …


The application of praxeography to body history: a critical approachWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
25 Apr 2013
, Praktiken und ihre Körper. Was für ein Artefakt ist der Leib? Mainzer Symposium der Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften (Mainz)
Overspel in de 18e en 19e eeuwWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
19 Jan 2013
, Publieksdag UCEMS Seks in de schaduw (Utrecht)
International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity (Journal)Willemijn Ruberg (Editor)


Betwiste expertise over het lichaam. Forensische geneeskunde in Nederland, 1811-1920Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
23 Nov 2012
, Forum Cultuurgeschiedenis. KU Leuven (Leuven)
SSHM Conference 2012: Emotions, Health, and WellbeingWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
12 Sept 2012
Constructing expertise. Body, mind and forensic medicine in 19th-century Dutch cases of rape and infanticideWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
6 Jun 2012
, invited lecture (University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB))
New approaches to the history of forensic medicine: Travelling knowledge and body-mind constellations in Dutch cases of infanticide (1800-1920)Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
23 Apr 2012
, History of Science, Medicine and Technology Colloquium, UCLA (Los Angeles)


Bodily knowledge as tactics. Conflicting stories about menstruation in Dutch cases of rape and infanticide, 1750-1920Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
15 Oct 2011
, Congres 'Verkörperungen/Embodiment. Geschlecht und Körper. Diskurse und soziale Praktiken in der Geschichte'
Occluding the mind and appropriating the body. Authority and objectivity in forensic science (Dutch cases of infanticide, 1750-1900)Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
4 Sept 2011
, Body and Mind in the History of Medicine and Health. Conference European Association for the History of Medicine and Health


Trauma and the body-mind dichotomy in 19th-century Dutch rape casesWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
24 Aug 2010
, 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences
conference 'Knowledge, Ethics and Representations of Medicine and Health: Historical Perspectives'Willemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
9 Jul 2010


'Mother knows best'. The transmission of knowledge of the female body and venereal diseases in 19th century Dutch rape casesWillemijn Ruberg (Invited speaker)
25 Jun 2009
, The transmission of health practices (c. 1500 to 2000) Anglo-Dutch-German Workshop on the History of Medicine