Dr. S. Walter

Knowledge Valorisation Officer
Research Support Office

Research Project Manager & Coordinator of International Collaboration

Sylvia started her career as a marine biologist and changed focus from 2009 on to becoming a project manager. She has a 15-years record in project management, particularly in managing international European research projects, which differ in funding type (RI, ITN, ICT, RNP) and size (up to 37 international partners), and also scientific disciplines (e.g. atmospheric chemistry, biology, social sciences, hydrological sciences, geosciences). All of them are / were international collaborations between universities, research institutes, industry and SME´s (as beneficiary or partners). As research project manager she takes responsibility for the coordination of projects and its activities, the implementation of the contractual obligations, but also the dissemination of projects e.g., at scientific events.

Sylvia lectured several workshops on project application and project management at Utrecht University. Besides this she is active in supporting researchers in proposal writing, promoting collaboration between Research Project Managers, and professionalising post-award support for researchers.