Sanne van Vugt

Sanne van Vugt is an educationalist, with a graduation specialization in professionals' learning. She is Co-lead on Teaching & Learning Strategies for the European University project CHARM-EU. Sanne has completed a Master in Educational Sciences (2017) and worked as an educational consultant, instructional designer and project leader at the Center for Research and Development of Education, University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). In this role, she gained experience in the field of health education, in-service medical training and technology enhanced learning. She was also a member of the curriculum innovation team for the Biomedical Sciences department.

Sanne conducts research on professionals' learning within higher education. She is particularly interested in inter-institutional professional learning, workplace learning, and qualitative methodologies.

CHARM-EU represents a Challenge-driven, Accessible, Research-based and Mobile mission and vision for the co-creation of a European University aligned with the European Values. Partner universities in this project are: University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, Eötvös Loránd University and University of Montpellier. CHARM-EU is funded by the European Commision through Erasmus+ to design, develop and pilot a challenge-based curriculum and innovative European University model. Sanne is a member of Utrecht University team, together with work package Lead Jan Haarhuis. 

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