With a background in communication and information sciences, clinical- & neurolinguistics and (experimental) neurophysiology, I am specialised in human interaction, language processing and bilingualism, and how to do research within this field of psychology using various techniques.

I have completed a PhD degree in Psychology, Learning and Communication at the University of Helsinki during which I studied neurocognitive mechanisms of bilingual language processing. Before starting at Utrecht University, I worked as a Postdoc for 2 years at the University Medical Centre Utrecht doing research on acute encephalopathy and clinical delirium, and gained some practical clinical experience while working at the department of Clinical Neurophysiology.

You can contact me via email: s.c.a.hut [at] uu.nl.

I'm involved in teaching various courses, both in the Bachelor's programme of Psychology as well as in the Master’s programme Applied Cognitive Psychology. Apart from involvement in education, I am responsible for the supervision of both Bachelor's and Master's theses, in which I like to encourage student to design their own experiments.