Drs. Sjoer Bergervoet

Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht

Drs. Sjoer Bergervoet

External Cooperation Coordinator

External relations manager Faculty of Humanities


In collaboration and consultation with relevant academic and support colleagues, I contribute to the faculty's vision and objectives regarding social impact in line with the faculty's vision and objectives as developed by Vice Dean and Research directors by:

- Advising and stimulating processes in line with the vision and objectives of the faculties Impact-policy;
- Supporting scientists in translating and developing trends into propositions and proposals for collaborations;
- Maintaining and utilising cooperation between science, society and business and approaching private and public organisations with the aim of entering into new partnerships connected with education and research with social impact;
- Monitoring and periodically reporting progress of the results versus the set objectives;
- Creating an overview of external relations;
- Representing the faculty at relevant activities and meetings;
- Developing alumni policy together with the Careers Orientation team about involving alumni, thinking about possible events for alumni and fundraising amongst alumni;
- Identifying (new) organisations and/or funds that, based on their specific objective or focus area, may be of importance to increase the impact of education and research of the faculty;
- In consultation with Utrecht University Fund, determinung how best to approach these organisations and shares in their relationship management, prospect research and fundraising expertise;
- Advising the Spending Committee of the Utrecht University Friends of the Humanities Fund, part of the Utrecht University Fund;
- Initiating the organisation of special meetings for relations and donors and potential cooperation partners.