Dr. R. (Reinout) Raijmakers

Hans Freudenthalgebouw
Budapestlaan 6
Kamer 0.05
3584 CD Utrecht

Dr. R. (Reinout) Raijmakers

Knowledge Valorisation Officer
Research Support Office

Reinout Raijmakers is the teamleader of the Research Support Office at the Science Faculty of Utrecht University and the Managing Director of the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research.

Highlights of awarded research projects in which Reinout Raijmakers has been involved in the project management and/or grant application:

  • EPIC-XS (EU H2020 infrastructure 2018; 10 million euro)
  • NEMI (NWO Roadmap 2018; 17.3 million euro)
  • X-Omics (NWO Roadmap 2018; 17.3 million euro)
  • iNEXT (EU H2020 infrastructure 2015; 10 million euro)
  • Institute for Chemical Immunology (NWO Gravitation 2013; 27.5 million euro)
  • ManiFold (Marie Curie ITN-IDP 2012; 2.6 million euro)
  • Proteins@Work (NWO Roadmap 2012; 13.5 million euro)
  • uNMR-NL (NWO Roadmap 2012; 18.5 million euro)
  • SPHINGONET (Marie Curie ITN 2011; 3.3 million euro)
  • PRIME-XS (EU FP7 Infrastructure 2011; 7.8 million euro)
  • WeNMR (EU FP7 e-Infrastructure 2010; 2.2 million euro)


Reinout did his PhD at the department of Biochemistry of the University of Nijmegen, where he studied the function and structure of the human exosome complex. After receiving his PhD he started work on the role of post-translational modifications of central nervous system proteins in the development of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. After moving to Utrecht University, he worked as a junior UD on the development of methods to use chip-based liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to analyze post-translationally modified peptides and proteins (including phosphorylation and citrullination) and to study protein complex composition, structure and diversity, in a collaboration with the company Agilent Technologies. As a “Hotel Manager” for the Netherlands Proteomics Centre, he collaborated with many (inter-)national research groups to address a wide variety of research questions with, mass spectrometry based, proteomics technology. In 2010, he became Managing Director of the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research at Utrecht University and since 2017 he is also the teamleader of the Research Support Office at the Science Faculty of Utrecht University.