Dr. R. (Reinout) Raijmakers

Hans Freudenthalgebouw
Budapestlaan 6
Kamer 0.05
3584 CD Utrecht

Dr. R. (Reinout) Raijmakers

Knowledge Valorisation Officer
Research Support Office

Reinout Raijmakers is the teamleader of the Research Support Office (UU intranet) at the Science Faculty of Utrecht University and the Managing Director of the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research.

The Research Support Office assists researchers in identifying potential funds, provides advice on national and international grant opportunities and supports researchers in writing grant applications.

Within the Bijvoet Centre he is responsible for the coordination of EU funded research and infrastructure projects and provides the staff with support in preparing grant applications. He is also responsbile for the organization the educational programme for the students in the centre, which includes courses, a seminar series and a yearly symposium. Before becoming the Managing Director of the centre, he has been working as a scientist on the analysis of post-translational modifications and interactions of proteins and their relation with disease, with an emphasis on their analysis by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.