Relinde v. Dijk-Moes MSc

Research and Education Assistant
Soft Condensed Matter

The development of efficient methods for the synthesis of nanostructures with well-defined sizes and shapes is one of the key trends in inorganic and physical chemistry. In the synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals the choice of appropriate surfactants is crucially important; for controlling the nucleation and growth as well as the crystal shape of the obtained nanocrystals.[1] The shape and size of these crystals determines the physical and chemical properties.[2]

Quantum dots can be formed by atoms from group II (alkyl metals, metal oxides or organic salts) and group VI (Se, S and Te).[3] Their wide use in different field relates to their particular photo-physical properties, such as broad absorption spectra, very narrow emission spectra, long fluorescence lifetime and high photo stability.[4] Furthermore, I will also focus on the synthesis of small monodisperse silica spheres.

As a researcher within the MCEC project I support the PhD-students and Postdocs within the project concerning all synthesis issues.