Prof. dr. R.A. (Rembert) Duine

Cond-Matter Theory, Stat & Comp Phys
Academic Director
Theoretical Physics (ITF)
+31 30 253 2289



Course material/lecture notes: 

  • Problem set on many-body physics that grew out of the course "Statistical Field Theory" can be found here.
  • The slides for the spintronics tutorial at the 2011 APS March Meeting can be found here.
  • Lecture notes on spintronics [Continuously-updated lecture notes and exercises that grew out of the course "spintronics" taught at Utrecht university in Spring 2007. Topics discussed are: path integrals for spins, ferromagnetism, spin valves, spin transfer torques, current and field-driven domain wall motion, and the spin Hall effect. There is also a short appendix on transport and disordered electrons. Feel free to use these notes but please refer appropriately.]