Paul Rehren

Paul Rehren

PhD Candidate
Ethiek Instituut



What can empirical research do for theories of punishment?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
29 Sep 2022
, IX. Tagung für Praktische Philosophie
What can empirical research do for punishment theories?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
8 Sep 2022
, 2nd European Experimental Philosophy Conference
The effect of cognitive-processing manipulations on moral judgment: A systematic review and meta-analysisPaul Rehren (Presenter)
19 Jul 2022
Grow legs before you run: Moral reasoning and moral progressPaul Rehren (Presenter)
4 Jul 2022
, Conceptual Engineering, Experimental Methods and Politically Correct Language


Why using behavioral research to make philosophical points is difficultPaul Rehren (Presenter)
3 Dec 2021
, OZSW Annual Conference 2021
How Do We Know That It's Moral Progress?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
3 Dec 2021
, OZSW Annual Conference 2021
How Stable Are Moral Values?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
1 Sep 2021
, 28th Conference of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology
Testing the intuitive retributivism dual-process modelPaul Rehren (Presenter)
8 Jul 2021
, ISJR Conference 2021


How stable are moral beliefs over time?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
9 Jul 2020
, Philosophical Moral Psychology: An International Meeting of Classic and Empirically Informed Philosophy
How stable are moral beliefs about sacrificial dilemmas over time?Paul Rehren (Presenter)
21 Jun 2020
, European Online Conference in Experimental Philosophy


Moral Framing Effects: Meta-Analysis and New Within-Subjects StudiesPaul Rehren (Invited speaker)
3 Nov 2019
, 34th Meeting of the Moral Psychology Research Group
A within-subject investigation of moral framing effectsPaul Rehren (Presenter)
Oct 2019


Correct intuition, wrong framework—why retributivists are wrong about the value of painful emotions such as guilt, remorse, and regretPaul Rehren (Presenter)
18 Sep 2018
, GAP.10