Dr. Paul Bijl is assistant professor in Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University and a researcher at KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies in Leiden. His research interests include legal humanities and (human) rights, (post)colonial history, anti- and postcolonial literature, racism, cultural memory and visual culture, as well as, more recently, disability. He has an MA in Dutch Literature from VU University Amsterdam, a Research MA and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Utrecht University and was a visiting scholar at University of California, Los Angeles, Columbia University and Universitas Indonesia. The recipient of various grants, he is a postdoctoral researcher on an NWO Veni Grant for the period  2015 - 2019. He has published the open access book Emerging Memory: Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance (Amsterdam UP) and articles in Journal of Genocide Research, Depth of Field, Journal of Dutch Literature, Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Law & Literature, and Indonesia, as well as in edited volumes on memory & mediation, colonial photography and memory & silence. In Leiden, he is part of the History Workshop at LIAS/Leiden Institute for Area Studies and Law and Literature at the Leiden Law School.

Current projects

  • Citizenship in Pre-Colonial Asia (special edition of Citizenship Studies, 2019, together with co-editor prof. dr. Gerry van Klinken and a team of international specialists on Asian history; workshop in Leiden on 11-12 June 2018)
  • PhD supervision: Lisanne Snelders (together with prof. dr. Thomas Vaessens and prof. dr. Yra van Dijk at University of Amsterdam) about postcolonial literary culture in the Netherlands and Taufiq Hanafi (together with prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt and dr. Marieke Bloembergen at KITLV) about the publication of memory novels in Indonesia.

Selected Publications


Between 2016 and now I worked together with the following social partners:

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, Indonesia

ruang rupa, Jakarta, Indonesia

Rumah Kartini, Jepara, Indonesia

Dolhuys: Museum of the Mind, Haarlem

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Curriculum vitae


- August 2017 - now: Assistant professor of Comparative Literature and postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University

- January 2015 - now: Researcher at KNAW Institute KITLV/ Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies in Leiden

- September 2011 - August 2017: Assistant professor and postdoctoral researcher at University of Amsterdam

- 2010 - 2011: Lecturer in Literary Studies at Utrecht University

- 2006 - 2010: PhD degree in Literary Studies within the NWO project The Dynamics of Cultural Remembrance: An Intermedial Perspective. Supervision prof. dr. Ann Rigney (Utrecht University) and prof. dr. Frank van Vree (University of Amsterdam)


Grants and Visiting Scholarships:

- 2018: Open Access Grant of Knowledge Unlatched for Emerging Memory: Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance (Amsterdam UP)

- 2017 - 2018: NWO KIEM Creative Industry Grant. Project: Digital Disability Archive. Together with dr. Manon Parry (University of Amsterdam) and dr. Paul van Trigt (Leiden University).

- 2017: Research Traineeship Programme Grant, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University. Project: Diversifying the Collections: Inclusive Citizenship and Public Histories of Exclusion. Together with Dr. Paul van Trigt (Leiden University) and prof. dr. Monika van Baar (Leiden University).  

- 2015 - 2019: NWO Veni Grant. Project: Contested Letters from the Dutch East Indies: The Transcultural Appropriation of Kartini's Writings Since 1911

- January - June 2016: Visiting scholar at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. Host: prof. dr. Melani Budianta

- May 2015: Visiting scholar at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Host: prof. dr. Bambang Purwanto

- October 2014: COST STSM Grant. Visiting Scholar at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Research at UNESCO Library and Archives

- January - June 2008: Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in the City of New York, Department of English and Comparative Literature. Host: prof. dr. Marianne Hirsch

- October 2004 - March 2005: VSB Grant. Visiting Graduate Student at University of California, Los Angeles, Department of History



- 2003 - 2005: Research MA in Literary Studies (Utrecht University, with prof. dr. Ann Rigney) 

- 1998 - 2003: BA and MA in Dutch Language and Literature (VU University Amsterdam, with prof. dr. Dick van Halsema

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All publications
  2018 - Conference
Bijl, P.A.L. (21.02.2018) Organiser Urban Utopias: Memory, Rights, and Speculation (21.02.2018 - 22.02.2018) Together with Dr. Barnita Bagchi and Dr. Deborah Cole
  2017 - Articles
Bijl, P.A.L. (2017). Human Rights and Anticolonial Nationalism in Sjahrir’s Indonesian Contemplations. Law and Literature, 29 (2), (pp. 247-268).
  2017 - Conference
Bijl, P.A.L. (07.12.2017) Organiser International Conference Materialities of Postcolonial Memory (07.12.2017 - 09.12.2017) AHM/Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, University of Amsterdam. Together with Dr. Chiara de Cesari, Dr. David Duindam and Dr. Ihab Saloul.
  2016 - Book reviews
Bijl, P.A.L. (2016). [Review of: Joost Coté (2013) Kartini: The Complete Writings 1898–1904]. Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, 172 (4), (pp. 554-555) (2 p.).
  2015 - Books
Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). Emerging Memory: Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance. (255 p.). Amsterdam University Press OPEN ACCESS.
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). Colonial and Postcolonial Silence: Listening to Kartini in the Netherlands. Beyond Memory: Silence and the Aesthetics of Remembrance (pp. 15-30) (16 p.). Routledge.
Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). Saving the Children? The Ethical Policy and Photographs of Colonial Atrocity during the Aceh War. Photography, Modernity and the Governed in Late-Colonial Indonesia (pp. 103-130) (28 p.). Amsterdam University Press.
  2015 - Articles
Pratiwi, Andi Misbahul & Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). Diskursus Kartini: Di Belanda menjadi Paradoks, di Indonesia memiliki banyak wajah, di UNESCO merupakan figur kemanusiaan (interview). Jurnal Perempuan / Indonesian Feminist Journal 86, (pp. 146-154) (9 p.).
Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). Re-dressing Silence - Surinamese Dutch Clothing and the Memory of Slavery in the Netherlands. The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, 27.
  2015 - Book reviews
Bijl, P.A.L. (2015). [Review of: M. Kleppe (2013) Canonieke icoonfoto's: de rol van (pers)foto's in de Nederlandse geschiedschrijving]. Bijdragen en Mededelingen Betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden, 130 (2) (3 p.). M1 - review 41.
  2015 - Websites / portals
Bijl, P.A.L. (23.11.2015). Dutch Postcolonial Anger.
  2015 - Conference
Bijl, P.A.L. (25.06.2015) Organiser Colonial Ruin: (In)Visible Sites of Postcolonial Memory Amsterdam (25.06.2015 - 26.06.2015) International Workshop. University of Amsterdam. Together with Dr. David Duindam.
  2014 - Book parts / chapters
Bijl, P.A.L. (2014). Colonial Memory and Forgetting in the Netherlands and Indonesia. Colonial counterinsurgency and mass violence: the Dutch empire in Indonesia (pp. 261-281) (21 p.). Routledge.
  2014 - Articles
Bijl, P.A.L. (2014). Menno ter Braak. Kritisch lexicon van de moderne Nederlandstalige literatuur, 134, (pp. 1-15, A1-A3, B1-B3).
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Vaessens, T. & Bijl, P.A.L. (2013). Grondslagen. Literatuur in de wereld: handboek moderne letterkunde (pp. 13-94) (82 p.). Vantilt.
  2013 - Articles
Bijl, P.A.L. (2013). Dutch Colonial Nostalgia Across Decolonisation. Journal of Dutch Literature, 4 (1), (pp. 128-149) (22 p.).
Bijl, P.A.L. (2013). Koloniaal herinneren en vergeten in Nederland. Indische Letteren, 28 (3), (pp. 217-228) (12 p.).
  2012 - Articles
Bijl, P.A.L. (2012). Colonial memory and forgetting in the Netherlands and Indonesia. Journal of Genocide Research, 14 (3-4), (pp. 441-461) (21 p.).
Bijl, P.A.L. (22.11.2012). Koloniaal geweld in de krant?. Historische kranten: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, (pp. 1, 9, 10).
  2012 - Book reviews
Bijl, P.A.L. (2012). [Review of: S. de Mul (2011) Colonial memory: contemporary women's travel writing in Britain and the Netherlands]. Bijdragen en Mededelingen Betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden, 127 (3), (pp. review 52).
Bijl, P.A.L. (2012). [Review of: S. Protschky (2011) Images of the tropics: environment and visual culture in colonial Indonesia]. Bijdragen en Mededelingen Betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden, 127 (3), (pp. review 49).
  2011 - Articles
Bijl, P.A.L. (2011). Embodying colonial photography: remembering violence in Tabee Toean. Depth of Field, 1 (1).
Bijl, P.A.L. (13.01.2011). Foto’s stellen pijnlijke vragen, interview by Dick Schinkelshoek. Nederlands Dagblad
Bijl, P.A.L. (23.06.2011). Grisly Images, interview by Linawati Sidarto. Jakarta Post
Bijl, P.A.L. (08.01.2011). Icoon van duister kolonialisme, interview by Peter Giesen. de Volkskrant
Bijl, P.A.L. (05.01.2011). Koloniaal optreden in nooit verleden tijd, interview by George Marlet. Trouw
Bijl, P.A.L. (13.01.2011). Schaamte en trots na de massamoord, interview by L. Vogelaar. Reformatorisch Dagblad
  2011 - Doctoral thesis 1 (Research UU / Graduation UU)
  2009 - Articles in volumes / proceedings
Bijl, P.A.L. (2009). Old, Eternal, and Future Light in the Dutch East Indies: Colonial Photographs and the History of the Globe. In Astrid Erll & Ann Rigney (Eds.), Mediation, Remediation, and the Dynamics of Cultural Remembrance (pp. 49-65) (17 p.). Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter.
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Citizenship in Pre-Colonial Asia
01.01.2018 to 02.09.2019
General project description 

In this project we examine the pre-colonial history of citizenship in Asia. Are citizenship, democracy, and human rights really purely Western conceptions, as many have concluded since Aristotle? Have such ideas about state-citizen interaction come to Asia from elsewhere, as part of the package of twentieth century modernity? By bringing together specialists on Korea, China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, this volume breaks new ground by investigating how people in these polities thought about and developed practices of self-rule, rights and contestation even before colonialism and modernity introduced Western notions of citizenship in Asia.

Most quests to discover non-western citizenship bedevil themselves by adhering to Weber’s exacting sociological conditions. They look for citizens as an autonomous group of rights claiming and rights bearing individuals.. Yet Weber’s assumption of Western uniqueness have become historical blinders as they limit attention for alternative conceptualizations of citizenship. In the journal edition we de-orientalize ‘Citizenship in pre-colonial Asia’ along three dimensions:

  • Self-rule. What are the ‘normal’ practices of rule in different settings, ranging from the hill tribe to the empire, in ancient Asia? Do they at all resemble those long imagined with the phrase ‘oriental despotism’?

  • Rights. How, for whom, on the basis of what cosmology, are rights formulated, at different levels of a polity? How much stratification is there among those bearers of rights? How wide is the gap between aspirational rights (Taylor 2002) and actually enforceable ones? Are they ‘human’ rights or confined to certain professions?

  • Contestation. How are political subjects created - both in the sense of being ‘subject to’ power and ‘subject of’ power? What happens when these subjects engage in action inspired by notions of rights? Such contestations might arise out of a spatially rooted associational life that ranges from the religious sphere, through trade or agriculture, to the army. They may result in repression, in evasion or flight, in an uneasy standoff, or perhaps in some accommodation resembling a contractual agreement.

The aims of this project are a workshop on 12 June 2018 and a special issue of Citizenship Studies (accepted by the editorial board) in 2019.

Role Project Leader & Researcher Funding
Other: KITLV/Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies
Project members UU
External project members:
  • prof. dr. Gerry van Klinken (KITLV/Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies and University of Amsterdam)
Digital Disability Archive
01.09.2017 to 31.08.2018
General project description 

In aging societies people are living longer, raising the likelihood that they will experience disabilities. Disability history is an underutilized source for generating solutions to this societal challenge. The consortium will develop a research hub for collaborative projects and a scholarly article evaluating the design and reuse of disability heritage to address this challenge. The Disability Digital Archive (DDA) will be a virtual hub for the collection and interpretation of experiences of disability, past and present, by students, researchers, disability service organizations, and the creative industries. The hub includes: 1) a digital archive, to share historically-significant documents, images, and multimedia, 2) an interpretive space, where curators, researchers, and students will engage with these sources to answer research
questions about disability history, resulting in online exhibitions, digital documentaries, and scholarly essays, all presented in the hub and 3) a network zone, facilitating the exchange of information and advice on potential new research questions the hub can be used to answer. The DDA will be the first archive in the Netherlands to gather and analyse a wide range of historical sources on disabilities together, the first shared virtual environment to utilize the cultural heritage of disability to foster and disseminate new scholarly research and creative industry solutions to the challenges of aging societies, and the first to make these accessible online to people with a wide variety of disabilities. The process of designing the DDA and using it for research will be reflected on in a scholarly symposium and published article.

Role Project Leader Funding
NWO grant: Creative Industry KIEM Grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • dr. Manon Parry (Project Leader University of Amsterdam)
  • dr. Paul van Trigt (Project Leader Leiden University)
  • prof. dr. Monika Baár (Project Leader Leiden University)
  • drs. Jacqueline Kool (Project Leader DSiN/Disability Studies in the Netherlands)
  • dr. Corrie Tijsseling (Project Leader GGMD/Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg en Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening voor Doven en Slechthorenden)
  • Bram Opdam (Driebit)
Acts of Equality: Writing Autonomy, Empathy and Community in an Indonesian Slave Narrative
01.01.2017 to 01.01.2019
General project description 

Wange van Bali (1798-1869) has written an unpublished egodocument recounting his experience as a slave in the Indian Ocean Area, particularly in Dutch Indonesia. The aim of this project is an annotated edition and a scholarly chapter for an edited volume Being a Slave in the Indian Ocean World, edited by prof. dr. Nira Wickramasinghe and dr. Alicia Schrikker of Leiden University and to be published in the series "Critical, Connected Histories" at Leiden University Press. The project was made possible by the family of Wange van Bali, which throughout the generations has preserved the text, and in particular by Mr. Ron Siteur from Almelo, who is writing a book about his ancestor. First results have been presented at a workshop Being a Slave: Indian Ocean Slavery in Local Context on 29-30 May 2017 in Leiden.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Sarie Hertgers (Student Editor's Master University of Amsterdam)
  • Mr. Ron Siteur (Independent Researcher Almelo)
Appropriating Kartini: Colonial, National and Transnational Memories of an Indonesian Icon
01.01.2017 to 31.12.2018
General project description 

In this project, conducted together with dr. Grace V. S. Chin, seven scholars from a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences analyze the transnational circulation of the writings of the Javanese author Kartini (1879-1904) as part of an edited volume which is envisioned for 2018. Kartini's letters were appropriated by institutions and actors in Southeast Asia (Indonesian nationalism, the Indonesian postcolonial state), Europe (European colonialism, Dutch multiculturalism), and transnationally (UNESCO, women's movements) to articulate their position on the role of 'native', Indonesian, Asian and colored women in (post)colonial society.

Role Project Leader & Researcher Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • dr. Grace V. S. Chin of Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang Malaysia (Project Leader)
The Ones That Got Away: Writing Novels under the Indonesian Authoritarian New Order
01.09.2016 to 31.08.2020
General project description 

This is the PhD project of Taufiq Hanafi about Indonesian literature from the 1980s. The project is conducted at KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies in Leiden and supervised by prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt, dr. Marieke Bloembergen en dr. Paul Bijl.

Role Co-promotor Funding
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Taufiq Hanafi MA (PhD Candidate KITLV)
  • prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt (Promotor KITLV and Leiden University)
  • dr. Marieke Bloembergen (Co-promotor KITLV)
Writing Rights in Colonial Indonesia
01.02.2015 to 31.01.2019
General project description 

This book project analyzes how Indonesians living with the modern Dutch colonial project (1816-1949) wrote about rights, law and justice. The project is informed by legal history, critical legal studies, human rights history and law & literature. Texts include letters, pamphlets and novels by Wange van Balie Kartini, Hadji Mukti, Soewardi Soerjaningrat, Sutan Sjahrir, Mohammad Hatta, Soekarno and Soewarsih Djojopoespito. In 2017, articles were published in Law & Literature and Indonesia.

Role Project Leader Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU

Completed projects

How the Netherlands Reads the Indies: Hella S. Haasse, Tjalie Robinson, Pramoedya Ananta Toer and the Politis of Memory 01.09.2012 to 01.06.2018
General project description

This PhD project is authored by Lisanne Snelders MA, under supervision of prof. dr. Thomas Vaessens, prof. dr. Yra van Dijk and dr. Paul Bijl. It offers an analysis of the (literary) afterlives of three authors who have written about colonial Indonesia: Hella Haasse, Tjalie Robinson and Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Innovatively bringing together memory studies, critical race studies and Dutch postcolonial literature, Snelders analyzes processes of racialization, gendering and other projects of in- and exclusion in the postcolonial Netherlands, particularly in the fields of literature and culture, since Indonesia's decolonization in the 1940s.

Role Co-promotor Funding
Other: Financed by the University of Amsterdam
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Lisanne Snelders MA (PhD Candidate University of Amsterdam)
  • prof. dr. Thomas Vaessens (Promotor University of Amsterdam)
  • prof. dr. Yra van Dijk (Promotor Leiden University)
Diversifying the Collections: Inclusive Citizenship and Public Histories of Exclusion 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017
General project description

This project addresses processes of in- and exclusion in Dutch museums, as earlier noted by Decolonize the Museum. It analyzes two museums: the ethnographic Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden and "Museum of the Mind" Het Dolhuys in Haarlem. In both musea we use the lenses of both critical race and disability studies to analyze the museum's collections, curating and exhibitions. How are the histories of race and disability intertwined, how can critical race studies and disability studies enrich each other, what is the position of racism and race in a museum about people with mental disabilities and what is the position of disability in an ethnographic museum rooted in Europe's colonial past? This project was made possible by the Research Traineeship Program of Leiden University and is conducted with Paul van Trigt (History, Leiden), Monika Baár (History, Leiden), Elise Hiddinga (research trainee), Daniël Korving (research trainee), Wayne Modest (Museum Volkenkunde) and Floris Mulder (Het Dolhuys). The two research assistants Elise Hiddinga and Daniël Korving will present an academic paper on their findings at the 3rd International Disability Studies Conference 'The Art of Belonging' from 30 November - 2 December 2017 in Amsterdam, as well as at the Research Traineeship Conference in Leiden.

Role Project Leader Funding
Other: Leiden University has financed this project with a Research Traineeship Programme Grant.
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Paul van Trigt (Project Leader Leiden University)
  • Monika Baár (Project Leader Leiden University)
  • Elise Hiddinga (Research Trainee Leiden University)
  • Daniël Korving (Research Trainee Leiden University)
  • prof. dr. Wayne Modest (Head of the Research Center for Material Culture)
  • Floris Mulder (Scholar at Museum of the Mind Het Dolhuys)
AHM Conference 2017: Materialities of Postcolonial Memory 01.09.2016 to 09.12.2017
General project description

This conference (7-9 December 2017) addresses and reconceptualizes the material legacies of European colonialism, in a transnational context. Its main goal is bringing together memory, heritage and postcolonial studies. Confirmed keynote speakers are prof. dr. Ann Stoler, prof. dr. Wayne Modest, prof. dr. Nikita Dhawan and prof. dr. Lynn Meskell. It is made possible by AHM/Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, ACHI/Amsterdam Center for Cultural Heritage and Identity, ASCA/Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, NICA/Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, NWO/Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. The organizing committee consists of dr. Ihab Saloul, dr. Chiara de Cesari, dr. David Duindam and dr. Paul Bijl.

Role Project Leader Funding
Project members UU
External project members:
  • dr. Chiara de Cesari (Project Leader University of Amsterdam)
  • dr. David Duindam (Project Leader University of Amsterdam)
  • dr. Ihab Saloul (Project Leader University of Amsterdam)
Emerging Memory: Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance 01.09.2006 to 31.08.2010
General project description

This project brings together postcolonial studies, visual culture and cultural memory studies to explain how the Netherlands continues to rediscover its history of violence in colonial Indonesia. Dutch commentators have frequently claimed that the colonial past and especially the violence associated with it has been 'forgotten' in the Netherlands. Uncovering 'lost' photographs and other documents of violence has thereby become a recurring feature aimed at unmasking a hidden truth.

The author argues that, rather than absent, such images have been consistently present in the Dutch public sphere and have been widely available in print, on television and now on the internet. Emerging Memory: Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance (now in open access) shows that between memory and forgetting there is a haunted zone from which pasts that do not fit the stories nations live by keep on emerging and submerging while retaining their disturbing presence.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • prof. dr. Frank van Vree
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Currently dr. Paul Bijl teaches the following course(s):

PhD Supervision

- Lisanne Snelders: The Dynamics of Literary Heritage: The Case of the Dutch East Indies. Supervision together with prof. dr. Thomas Vaessens (University of Amsterdam) and prof. dr. Yra van Dijk (Leiden University).

- Taufiq Hanafi: The Ones That Got Away: Writing Novels under the Indonesian New Order. Supoervision together with prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt (KITLV/Leiden University) and dr. Marieke Bloembergen (KITLV).

KITLV Internships

- Amalia Astari: A Letter to Kartini. Amalia presented her letter to Kartini at a public event The Other Side of the Story: Decolonizing History in Amsterdam's debate center Felix Meritis on 25 October 2016.

- Lukita Susanto: Contemporary Cultural Memory of Kartini in Indonesia (focus on women and women's groups). Together with Marieke Bloembergen (February - June 2016).

Research MA Supervision (University of Amsterdam)

- Maria Dijkgraaf: Literary Memories of the Indonesian Revolution: The Novels of Y.B. Mangunwijaya (Winter/Spring 2017)

- Hedwig de Coo: Narrativity in Reports of the Eichmann Trial (on Hannah Arendt and Harry Mulisch, 2014).  

MA and BA Supervision (University of Amsterdam)

- Sarie Hertgers: An Indonesian-Dutch Slave Narrative by Wange van Bali (Winter/Spring 2017)

- Anna Thoolen: Colonial Scandal en Anxiety (on M.H. Székely-Lulofs's Rubber, MA 2014)

- Yves Otten: African Voices in Contemporary Literary History (on David van Reybrouck's Congo, MA 2014)

- Hedda Stubbe: Transgender Discourse in the Netherlands (on Maxim Februari's De maakbare man, MA 2014)

- Ida Bartelds: Theatre and Colonial Memory in the Netherlands and Belgium (on Ger Thijs and David van Reybrouck, MA 2013)

- Daphne van Rijssel: Generations in Colonial Memory (on Marion Bloem, MA 2013)

- Marije Vos: Young Adult Literature in the Field of Cultural Production (MA 2013)

- Annegrietje Franssen: Indonesian Literature and Official History on the Indonesian Revolution (on Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Y.B. Mangunwijaya, BA 2013)

- Maria Kraaijkamp: Motherhood in Early Twentieth-Century Novels for Girls (on Top Naeff, Diet Kramer and Cissy van Marxveldt, MA 2012)

Topics of BA and MA Courses:

- Literary Theory

- World Literature

- Postcolonial Theory

- Narrative Across Media

- Literature and Gender

- Literature and Sexuality

- Memory Studies

- European Literature (Colonial and Postcolonial)

- Literature in Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Indonesia, Caribbean)

Guest lectures at Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta (2016):

- in Sastra Dunia (World Literature)

- in Hunbungan Indonesia-Belanda (Connection Indonesia-Netherlands)

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