Drs. Pieter Louwman

Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw
Budapestlaan 4B
Kamer 1.20E
3584 CD Utrecht

Drs. Pieter Louwman

Study Adviser
Teaching and Student Affairs

Study Advisor department of Sustainable Development.



BSc students can contact me via studyadvisor.sd.bsc@uu.nl
MSc students can contact me via studyadvisor.sd.msc@uu.nl
Colleagues and others can contact me via p.a.louwman@uu.nl




For neutral and confidential advise on anything within the programme, such as:

  • Choices within the programme;
  • How to deal with study delay;
  • Dissatisfaction with your studies;
  • Conflict with supervisor.


Or on any personal circumstance that hinders your studies, such as:

  • Illness;
  • Handicap;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Special family circumstances;
  • Top-class sport.


Due to COVID-19 measures I will be working from home. You cannot phone me, I do respond to email and Microsoft Teams. There will be no walk-in hours and all appointments are held via Microsoft Teams.