Dr. Pieter Huistra

Cultural History
Assistant Professor
Cultural History
+31 30 253 1731
Completed Projects
Once more, with feeling. Replication to improve open knowledge production in the humanities 01.12.2020 to 31.03.2022
General project description

This project experiments with replication of historical research to achieve a more open and reliable knowledge production in the humanities. Although the data repositories that historians use are often open, the way historians actually select and interpret their data that in turn validate their findings remains opaque. By replicating cornerstone studies from three historical subdisciplines, we attempt to make this process more transparent and publicly accountable and thus in line with the principles of Open Science. The envisioned results are (i) replications, (ii) a methodology for doing replication in history and (iii) recommendations to ensure replicability in the humanities.

Utrecht University Fostering Open Science Practice Fund
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