Nicole Ganbold

PhD Candidate
Art History
Areas of expertise

Nicole obtained her BA and MA from the University of Warsaw where she studied Brazilian landscapes by Frans Post and depictions of Africans in 17th-century Netherlandish art. After graduating, she worked as an Editor in DailyArt Magazine for two years and in March 2023 she joined Prof. Thijs Weststeijn’s Vici project Dutch Global Age at Utrecht University. Her PhD research will focus on the imagery of non-European people created by travelling Netherlandish artists and its global trajectories. Her objective is to show how Netherlandish artists engaged with the world, and vice versa, by incorporating sources and perspectives from beyond Europe.
Nicole’s research interests are influenced by her personal experience of having grown up in Europe with an Asian immigrant background. As a scholar, her main goal is to tell a more inclusive story of the Dutch Golden Age as a global age.