Prof. dr. M. (Martin) van den Berg

Prof. dr. M. (Martin) van den Berg

One Health Toxicology

Prof. Dr. Martin van den Berg is an Emeritus Professor in Toxicology (since November 2019), and former deputy director of the Institute of Risk Assessment Sciences (formerly RITOX) of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands and former head of the Toxicology and Pharmacology Division of IRAS. He was also appointed as an honorary professor in environmental toxicology at the University of Queensland (Brisbane) and is a visiting professor at the Royal Chulabhorn Research Institute and Graduate School in Bangkok. In autumn 2006 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Umea, Sweden for his research on mixture toxicity of dioxin-like compounds. In the period 2010-12 he was president of the Dutch Society of Toxicology. For scientific out and H-indexes (> 65) see Google Scholar and Research Gate ( ;

He is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam (1986) with an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Environmental and Toxicological Chemistry. Prof van den Berg's areas of research include(d): toxicokinetics, metabolism and reproductive and interactive effects of halogenated polyaromatics, interactions of xenobiotics and phytochemicals on steroid hormone synthesis, metabolism and their relation with hormone dependent tumors, development of in vitro assays to detect endocrine disruptors. These studies are done with mammals, birds and fish as well as in in vitro systems. The results of his scientific work and that of his research group have been published in approx. 375+ scientific articles, short papers and conference proceedings.

Prof. van den Berg is connected to several national and international organizations which are involved with the toxicological risk assessment of environmental and food contaminants, and pesticides. He was a member of the Health Council of The Netherlands and chairs and serves on several of its (permanent) committees until 2015. He was also director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on Environmental Health Risk Assessment, which was based at IRAS (Utrecht University) until 2015. During the last five years he has been acting as an advisor and meeting chair on many WHO, FAO, IARC, EU and US committees that are dealing with the (environmental) health effects of dioxins, PCBs and endocrine disruptors or the use of bioassays for rapid screening techniques.


From 2004-2007 he served as the only European member of the program committee of the Society of Toxicology in the US. In 2008 he was appointed in the Committee of a Appeal from the Board of Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products. In 2016 he won the Media Award from the University of Utrecht for his regular performances in various tv and radio programs, and quotes in newspapers.

Prof. van den Berg is a European registered toxicologist and member of the Society of Toxicology (US) and Dutch Society of Toxicology. Within the Dutch Society of Toxicology, he has been a member of the Registration Committee for toxicologists for seven years and in 2010 he was elected president of the society. At present he is chair of the Supervision Board of the Dutch Postdoctoral Education in Toxicology, chair of the Education Committee of the European Society of Toxicology and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI), Washington,USA


In the past he has also been editor of Chemosphere of the Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment Section, Associate Editor of Toxicological Sciences and Environmental Health Perspectives. He is also editorial board member of Toxicology Letters. Toxicology Reports and Current Research in Toxicology. Presently he is (co)Editor in Chief of Current Opinion in Toxicology (Elsevier) and (co)Editor in Chief of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (Elsevier).

Emeritus Professor of Toxicology