After graduating in clinical neuropsychology (Drs/MSc) at the University of Amsterdam, Marieke de Vries worked as a child psychologist at Bosman GGZ in Utrecht. After that, her PhD project focused on (training) Executive Functions in children with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). After gaining her PhD, Marieke worked as a Post-doctoral researcher for research priority area Yield at the University of Amsterdam, the Academic Medical Center, and the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. This project focused on Executive Functions in children with pediatric conditions. Marieke then moved to Malaysia, where she worked as an assistant and associate professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, School of Psychology. In 2022 Marieke moved back to the Netherlands to work as an assistant professor at Utrecht University in the Team of Prof Dr Marian Jongmans. 

Marieke’s main research interest is autism and the possible link with culture. Several factors that are linked to autism, such as Executive Functioning, Language (e.g., multilingualism), Imagination, and Music might be influenced by culture. Marieke aims to explore how culture might influence the interpretation and expression of, and attitude (e.g., stigma) towards autistic traits and autism, and how these factors are linked to parental stress, parenting styles, and the quality of life of families with autistic children.