Marjolein Mullen-Pouw

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 278
3584 CB Utrecht

Marjolein Mullen-Pouw

Coordinator of Operations
Earth sciences Office
+31 30 253 6898

Since 2015 I am the Management Coordinator to the Head of the department of Earth Sciences and the board.

My responsibilities include being the right-hand to the Earth Sciences board for some internal projects, administrative and HR issues, coordinating housing issues, social affairs, internal communication and so on. Main focus at this moment is the coordination for the upcoming move to the new Geosciences buildings in 2018, especially the inventorying and registering  of all collections and equipment for a new central database.

What appeals to me in the department of Earth Sciences is the dynamism and passion of the people that they have for their profession. 

Between 2000 until 2015 I supported several research groups within the department Earth Sciences Utrecht.

In my spare time I enjoy my home and garden in Zeist, like to read books, try to exercise regularly and love to travel with my husband Douglas.