Enhancing the Constitution’s Prominence through Violation? The Case of The NetherlandsManon Julicher (Invited speaker)
9 Jul 2021
, THE 2021 ICON∙S Mundo Conference


Red het censuurverbod: schaf het af!Manon Julicher (Invited speaker)
12 Jun 2020
, NWO Bessensap 2020


The Personal Scope of Fundamental Rights in EuropeManon Julicher (Invited speaker)
7 Sept 2018
, European Group of Public Administration (Annual Conference)
Speaker at Conferência Internacional A Proteção dos Direitos Fundamentais: entre a lei e a práticaManon Julicher (Participant)
6 Jul 2018
Organiser and speaker of the Exchange Experience Workshop for the Charter of Fundamental Rights in Action ProjectManon Julicher (Participant)
31 Jan 2018
Gastdocent Rector's league en Honours Trajectum UtrechtManon Julicher (Invited speaker)