Prof. dr. M.L. (Marcel) Bouvy

Prof. dr. M.L. (Marcel) Bouvy

Head of Department
Pharmaceutical sciences
Pharmacoepi. and Clinical Pharmacol.
+31 6 22 736 733

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands October 24th, 1966

1984-1992       PharmD at Groningen University

1992                Editor Dutch Drug Bulletin (‘Geneesmiddelenbulletin’)

1992                Community pharmacist in Amsterdam

1992-1994        Military service: pharmacist at the Royal Dutch Navy

1993                  Co-author: ‘Future of medicine utilisation in the Netherlands’

1993-2010         Editor of the Dutch consumers book on medicine: ‘Geneesmiddelen in Nederland’

1993-2018        Co-author: book on selfmedication of Dutch Consumers association: ‘Zelf Dokteren’

1994-1999        Regional coordinator for the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Foundation LAREB

1994-2019        Community pharmacist at academic Pharmacy Stevenshof in Leiden.

1994-2019        Researcher at sir (Institute for Pharmacy Practice) which is affiliated with the academic pharmacy Stevenshof.

1997-2002       PhD student at the department of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacotherapy of Utrecht University.

1994-1997       Member of the editorial board of the Dutch pharmaceutical journal (‘Pharmaceutisch Weekblad’)

1997-2000       Chairman of the editorial board of the Dutch pharmaceutical ournal (‘Pharmaceutisch Weekblad’).

2000-2002      Member of the editorial board of ‘Apothekers Vademecum’, a two weekly question and answer magazine for pharmacists

2002-2018        Author of several revisions of book on selfmedication of Dutch Consumers association: ‘Kleine Kwalen’

2002-now        Division of pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacology of Utrecht University.

2003-2011       Member Scientific committee for the KNMP department Leiden

2004-2005       Member ‘evaluatie commissie Meerjaren Afspraken’ KNMP

2004-2018       Member research committee European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP); chairman of the committee from 2006 untill 2014

2004-2010       Scientific advisory board ‘Meldpunt Medicijnen’

2005-2015        Member ‘programma commissie wetenschappelijke bijeenkomsten’ KNMP; Chair of the committee since 2010

2005-2012       Member Commissie Farmaceutische Hulp (CFH), College voor Zorgverzekeringen (CVZ)

2006-2010       Member Scientific Advisory Board Wetenschappelijk Platform Pharmaceutisch Weekblad

2006-2022       Utrecht Pharmacy Panel for Education and Research (UPPER); chair institutional review board

2007-2010       Multidisciplinary guideline committee heart failure

2009-now        Editorial board International Journal of Pharmacy Practice Research

2009-2016       Scientific advisory board Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Foundation lareb (‘Landelijke Registratie Evaluatie Bijwerkingen’)

2009-2019       Member of the board of PRISMA foundation (Practice Research in cooperation with pharmacists)

2010-2015       Member of the Scientific Section of Dutch Community Pharmacy (chair between 2010 and 2014)

2010-2013       Member Expertpanel Med8: Health Sciences Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen (FWO)

2012-2022        Member program committee ‘Goed gebruik Geneesmiddel’ ZON MW

2012-2017       Member commissie Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas, Zorginstituut Nederland (ZINL)

2017- now       Member Medicines Evaluation Board in the Netherlands

2019 - 2022     Community pharmacist Apotheek Vleuten

2022- now       Head department of pharmaceutical sciences