Dr. Marloes Beers

Dr. Marloes Beers

History of International Relations
Assistant Professor



Thirty Years After the End of the Cold War: Ideas for a New EuropeMarloes Beers (Participant)
20 Nov 2020
New European choices in International energy relationsMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
20 Nov 2020
, Thirty Years After the End of the Cold War: Ideas for a New Europe
Key moments in EU development – a historical perspectiveMarloes Beers (Participant)
28 Sept 2020
How can Europe recover after Brexit?Marloes Beers (Organiser)
21 Sept 2020
Multiple Identities and Rising Populism in the Heart of EuropeMarloes Beers (Participant)
17 Jan 202018 Jan 2020


EU energy policy: a historical perspectiveMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
6 Dec 2019
, 10 Years Treaty of Lisbon. Still fit for Purpose?
Energy and the changing Cold War landscapeMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
9 Nov 2019
, Thirty Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall
De Europese samenwerking à la française: Verschillende ideeën over de essentie van EuropaMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
16 May 2019
, Symposium SVF-Cercle
The Ourengoj-pipeline crisis 1981-1982: A remarkable case of globalisationMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
5 Apr 2019
, Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland dag: A smaller World
EU - Union in disarrayMarloes Beers (Chair)
4 Mar 2019


Border areas in Europe: Hot spots of intercultural and foreign policy conflicts and transferMarloes Beers (Participant)
9 Nov 201811 Nov 2018
De Europese identiteitMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
8 May 2018
, Nacht van Europa


Margins for ManoeuvreMarloes Beers (Participant)
14 Dec 2017
Van Bylandt lecture 2017Marloes Beers (Organiser)
9 Nov 2017
Energizing Europe: The unintentional American enforcement of European unity by the anti-Siberian pipeline embargoes of 1982/83Marloes Beers (Invited speaker)
9 Nov 2017
, Constructing America | Defining Europe
Wie is vandaag nog soeverein?Marloes Beers (Invited speaker)
20 Apr 2017


Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken (NGIZ)Utrecht (External organisation)M.C. Beers (Member)
5 Dec 2016 → …
UHSK movie event -Introduction to movie Dr StrangeloveMarloes Beers (Invited speaker)
28 Nov 2016
, Introduction to movie Dr Strangelove
Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken (NGIZ)Utrecht (External organisation)Marloes Beers (Member)
May 2016Sept 2019