Dr. L.L. (Lonneke) IJsseldijk

Assistant Professor
Veterinair Pathologisch Diagnostisch Centrum
+31 6 24 455 698

My main goals are gaining and sharing of knowledge on marine mammal health and threats affecting these populations. In my current function as project manager, I am responsible for the formulation of project goals, writing research proposals and reports, generating and managing research funding and communicating research findings. As a researcher, I focus on generating, analyzing and interpreting data on marine mammals, with a multi-disciplinary and cross-boundary focus. My work contributes to science and policy, serving the ultimate aim of understanding, protecting and conserving marine mammal species throughout their range.

Lonneke L. IJsseldijk


The research into cetacean strandings in the Netherlands is carried out at the Pathology Division of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. This mainly concerns research into the causes of death and/or stranding, with one of the main objectives of the research being finding out what percentage of the marine mammals stranded and investigated in the Netherlands were killed by human intervention. Read more on our research into marine mammal strandings or follow us for updates!