Dr. Linda Duits

Affiliate Researcher
Gender Studies

Linda Duits (Zeist, 1976) is an independent social scientist specialized in popular culture. She studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, with political theory and political behaviour as main subjects. She obtained her PhD at the Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR) with an ethnographic study of girls’ culture in Dutch multicultural society. From January 2008 till August 2010, she was Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, teaching research methods and investigating the uses of popular culture in religion. In 2010, she decided to focus on the dissemination of academic knowledge to a larger audience. To this end, she started Diep. Linda is an active blogger, a columnist for Folia and a regular contributor to print media like NRC Handelsblad

At Utrecht University, she is an affiliated researcher with the gender studies programme of ICON.