Dr. Leo Lousberg

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A Miracle of St Martin - The Prosperous City (Utrecht 900) 03.07.2022 to 04.07.2022
General project description

The urban patron saint Martin and performative expressions of urban citizenship in past and present are thematized in a public festival on 3-4 July 2022 at the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the Utrecht charter issued in 1122. The festival is a collaboration between the NWO Citizenship Discourses-project with various partners within the city and University of Utrecht. The two days will include the full performance (from First Vespers on Sunday, July 3rd to Second Vespers on Monday, July 4th) of the chants that bishop Radbod of Utrecht (899/900-917) composed for the festive commemoration of the translatio of Martin’s relics on July 4th, and a public symposium on 4 July. At the end of the second day, the festival will be closed with the presentation of the book Het wonder van Sint-Maarten: Utrecht, een gelukkige stad (red. Els Rose, AUP) to the mayor of Utrecht. More information (in Dutch only) on https://hetwondervansintmaarten.nl/.


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