Komar Javanmardi

PhD Candidate
Energy System Analysis

Komar is a Geospatial Analyst and Urban Planner with a range of interests in geospatial data analysis for environmental modeling, exploring the potential for renewable energy integration in urban areas, and land use planning. During his master's studies at TECNALIA in Spain, he developed a geospatial method for estimating the solar potential of building rooftop and integrating EV charging stations with the power distribution grid.

Currently, Komar is engaged in the KCET (Kennisontwikkeling voor de KennisCoalitie EnergieTransitie project): a collaborative project between Utrecht University and TNO that involved 4 PhD positions. The knowledge coalition aims to identify and integrate technological, socio-economic, and behavioral scientific knowledge needed for the energy transition to enable informed decision making on the energy transition in the Netherlands. As a PhD candidate in Energy and Resources group, his project focusses specifically on spatial aspects and energy infrastructure in energy system modelling.