Dr. Koen Leurs

Muntstraat 2-2a
Muntstraat 2-2A
Kamer 1.09
3512 EV Utrecht

Dr. Koen Leurs

Associate Professor
Gender Studies
+31 30 253 6447



Ethical Assessment, Data Management, Privacy MattersKoen Leurs (Speaker)
7 Dec 2021


Popular Communication (Journal)Koen Leurs (Guest editor)
12 Jan 2018


ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media conferenceKoen Leurs (Chair)
2 Nov 20174 Nov 2017
Migrant EthnographiesK.H.A. Leurs (Organiser)
22 Sept 2017
Information Communication and Society (Journal)Koen Leurs (Guest editor)
Feb 2017


Children’s Rights in the Migration Crisis and in the Digital Environment (Event)Koen Leurs (Member)
4 Nov 2016
, Children’s Rights in the Migration Crisis and in the Digital Environment
Culture 4D: Digitisation, Data, Disruptions, Diversity (Event)Koen Leurs (Member)
30 Sept 2016
, Culture 4D: Digitisation, Data, Disruptions, Diversity


Migrant youth identity in post-referendum ScotlandKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
19 Oct 2015
, Migrant youth identity
Invited talk: Social media = gated communities?Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
24 Sept 2015
, Het digitale geheugenpaleis
Digital Throwntogetherness: Young Londoners Negotiating Urban Politics of Difference and Encounter on FacebookKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
31 May 2015
, International Communication Association- annual meeting,
British Sociological AssociationKoen Leurs (Participant)
17 Apr 2015


Invited talk: Exploring digital practices among young migrantsKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
27 Nov 2014
Invited presentation: Researching digital practices of migrant youth: “creative”, “participatory” & “digital” methods.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
31 Aug 2014
, IMISCOE Annual Conference
Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture (Journal)K.H.A. Leurs (Guest editor)


Invited talk: “The politics of asymmetrical affective capital: Transnational communication among young Somalis in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
29 Nov 2013
, ESRC Seminar Series: Digital Policy: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights.
Invited talk: Digital PassagesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
19 Sept 2013
Invited talk: Biedt technologie een oplossing? De rol van digitale media in identiteit, kennis- en netwerkvorming onder jonge asielzoekers”.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
11 Mar 2013
Invited talk: “Hypertextual selves: an intersectional reading of affective identification online?”.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
21 Feb 2013
, Digital Race Methods Workshop
Invited talk: Digital Passages. Moroccan-Dutch youths performing diaspora, gender and youth cultural identities across digital spaceKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
17 Jan 2013


Invited talk: “Visual representations and hypertextual selves: analyzing Moroccan-Dutch identity performativity on online social networking sitesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
16 Sept 2012
, Japanese Society for Socio-Informatics
Invited talk: Digital inequalities and spatial hierarchiesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
10 Jul 2012
, Collaboratory for International Research on Games.
Invited talk: digital crossroads. A transdisciplinary analysis of Moroccan-Dutch youth’ identifications across digital territories.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
14 May 2012


Communicative Spaces of Their Own: Migrant Girls Performing Selves Using Instant Messaging SoftwareKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
27 May 2011
, International Communication Association's 61st Annual Conference
Mind the Gap: space invaders! Migrant Youth Online and the ‘Internetworked’ Experiences of TransitionKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
15 May 2011
, MiT7 Unstable Platforms. The Promise and Peril of Transition (MiT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Boston, USA)
Migrant youth writing g/local hypertextual selves across diasporas and youth culturesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
30 Apr 2011
, European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (Istanbul,Turkey)


Performing gender and ethnicity in socio-technological networks: The performance of gender by migrant girls in Instant Messaging spaces.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
24 Jun 2010
, Matters of communication, Political, cultural & technological challenges, ICA (Feminist Scholarship, International Communication Association, Singapore)
Mediated crossroads. Youthful digital diasporasKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
23 Jun 2010
, Matters of communication, Political, cultural & technological challenges, ICA. (Ethnicity and Race In Communication, International Communication Association, Singapore)
Online social networking sites as spaces of conviviality? Diversity and multiculturalism on Hyves.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
22 Mar 2010
, Diversity 2.0. Researching diversity in social network sites, games and the web. Mix-in. Conference on diversity in higher education.


Hypertextual selves. Patterns of production and consumption of Dutch Moroccan youth on HyvesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
26 Nov 2009
, Participating in a mediated world. (Platform for Communication, Media, and Information (CMI) within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam.)
Online social networking sites as spaces of conviviality? Dutch-Moroccan youth on Hyves.Koen Leurs (Invited speaker)
31 Oct 2009
, Occidentalism, Orientalism, and the idea of a postsecular Europe (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
Migrant Youth Writing G/local Hypertextual SelvesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
10 Sept 2009
, Glocal Imaginaries. Writing, migration, place. (Lancaster University, UK & Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, UK)
Migrant youth & online hypertext: multiple modes of becoming/belongingKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
5 Jul 2009
, 7th European Feminist Research Conference
Be(com)ing cyber Mocro’s. Digital Media, Migration and Glocalized Youth CulturesKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
2 May 2009
, Race, ethnicity and (new) Media Symposium (Race and Ethnic Studies Institute Texas A&M University College Station, TX, United States)
Postcolonializing the InternetKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
24 Apr 2009
, MiT 6.0. Stone and Papyrus, Storage and Transmission (Boston, USA. Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Migrant youth, cyberspace & the 'well' of transnational symbolic vocabularyKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
12 Sept 2008
, International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (San Diego, Verenigde Staten)
Toward a Comparative and Interdisciplinary Model for Researching Localizing and Globalizing Uses of Media among Migrant YouthKoen Leurs (Invited speaker)
10 Sept 2008
, International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (San Diego, Verenigde Staten)