Karen Schoutsen MA

Research and Education Assistant
Taal en communicatie
Internship Coordinator
Career Orientation

Coordinator internships, alumni and career orientation - department of Languages, Literature and Communication (TLC)

As (BA/MA) student within the department of TLC you can contact Karen Schoutsen with questions about finding, starting and rounding off your internship and she can help you find an internship supervisor within university. Also students studying TCS or LAS with interests in internships relating to the topics of languages, literature or communication can ask Karen Schoutsen for assistance. 

Companies and organisations with an internship offer or need can contact her or send her (internship) vacancies. 

Please contact Karen Schoutsen at stageTLC@uu.nl.

Trainer and coordinator 'Intercultural Awareness for SAS'/'Developing Intercultural Competences for Academic Staff'/'Advanced: Intercultural Competences' 

Since October 2018 the UU Development Guide includes an offer of trainings for support and administrative staff (SAS) and academic staff who want to work on their intercultural competences. This training offer has been developed as part of the education innovation (USO) project 'Intercultural Competences of Utrecht University' (ICUU, 2017-2019). 

Karen Schoutsen is one of the trainers of the training 'Intercultural Awareness for SAS'. As well, she is coordinator for this entire training offer (SAS, Academic Staff and introduction sessions) and is available for any questions regarding this offer. 

Project employee 'Academic Buddy Programme' 

In September 2019 a education innovation (USO) project titled the 'Academic Buddy Programme' started. This is a cooperation between the faculties of Humanities, Law, Economics and Governance and Social and Behavioural Science in which UU and international students are matched based on their exchange destination and/or language interests. 

For questions about this project you can contact Karen Schoutsen.