Prof. dr. J.P.G. (Julia) Jones

Ecology and Biodiversity

I am a conservation scientist interested in conservation impact evaluation (using quasi-experimental approaches and experimental approaches) and the impacts of conservation interventions (including agri-environment schemes, Payments for Ecosystem Services, community forest management, protected areas and biodiversity offsets). I have a particular focus on the social dimensions of conservation and I greatly enjoy working with people, methods and approaches from across disciplinary divides.

I have a strong interest in Madagascar where I have worked, with many Malagasy colleagues, for 20 years on issues around conservation and development.

My primary position is as Professor of conservation science at Bangor University, but for the next five years I also hold the position of Prince Bernhard Chair in International Nature Conservation at Utrecht University.

I will be delivering occassional lectures in Life Sciences and GeoSciences including the Copurnicus Institute of Sustainable Development