Prof. dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn

Prof. dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn

Associate Professor
Social, Health and Organisational Psychology
+31 30 253 4812

Jojanneke van der Toorn is associate professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at Utrecht University and professor by special appointment of LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion at Leiden University. 


Research on workplace inclusion


Van der Toorn studies diversity and inclusion at work, in particular with regard to LGBTQ+ employees. On the one hand, she focusses on organizational programs and practices: what are blind spots in diversity and inclusion policy, what is their influence on job seekers, employees and organizations as a whole, and in which way can these patterns be broken? On the other hand, she examines the psychological processes through which majority and minority group members contribute to the maintenance of group-based inequalities at work and in society. 


In her work, Van der Toorn makes a concerted effort to bridge science and society with the aim of contributing to effective and evidence-based diversity policies. To this end, she and her colleagues have developed the Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor, which aims to (1) diagnose the effectiveness of an organization’s diversity and inclusion policies, (2) compare the organization’s score with a benchmark score derived from other participating organizations, and (3) provide concrete and evidence-based suggestions for improvement. In addition, Van der Toorn consults organizations and the government on the topic of diversity and inclusion, and leads an executive masterclass on effective D&I policy.


She also closely collaborates with Workplace Pride, the International Platform for LGBTIQ+ inclusion at work, InclusieNL, and Diversity at Work.


Current projects 


It has to work. Inclusiveness in the labor market through synergy between science and practice.
To what extent are Dutch work organisations diverse and inclusive? And what can they do to develop this further? These questions are explored in this research project, by comparing and analysing data from the NIM and the Diversity Charter Monitor based on the latest scientific insights. The results are translated into practically useful tools and advice for NIM participants, Diversity Charter signatories, and other stakeholders.


The power of one: Towards the representation of unheard and unseen individuals in the hospital, workplace and neighbourhood.
This research project examines the barriers that prevent professionals from assessing the needs of marginalized groups, and that prevent marginalized groups from making their needs and views known to professionals. Through interviews, participatory research, and co-creation methods, and by collaboration with societal partners (e.g., The Netherlands Patient Federation, LGBTQI+ interest groups, the Eindhoven Library), this study investigates how those individuals in society who are often not reached can improve their self-reliance and can be better heard and seen.


Academic citizenship 


Van der Toorn is a founder of the Interuniversity Network on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Dutch Political Psychology Meetings, a former (board)member of the Utrecht Young Academy, and active participant in and organizer of several symposia, conferences, and scientific networks around social, organizational and political psychology. 


She currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (JPSP) and Frontiers in Social Psychology.


Distinctions and Awards


Her work has received several distinctions, including the Gratama Science Prize for young and excellent researchers. For a list of grants, fellowships and subsidies see CV.


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