Dr. Joyce Endendijk

Broadly, I am interested in how stereotypes influence parenting behaviors and child/adolescent outcomes. Aspects of stereotypes that are the focus of my research are gender stereotypes, sexual double standard endorsement, and prematurity stereotypes. I use a combination of methods to examine underlying mechanisms of parent and child stereotypes and stereotyped behavior: neuroscientific methods (EEG, fMRI), behavioral observation, experimental tasks (IAT).

Research topics related to this interest are; gender differences, boys’ and girls’ social and emotional functioning, mothers’ and fathers’ parenting behaviors, peer influences, sex hormones, gender roles, gender identity, and gender stereotypes.

A second area of research concerns the determinants of parenting. I am particularly interested in biological and prenatal determinants such as maternal thyroid hormones during pregnancy, anxiety/depressive symptoms during pregnancy, and the neural basis of parenting. I use existing cohort studies to examine longitudinal trajectories of biological/psychosocial determinants in relation to parenting and child outcomes. The neural basis of parenting is studied in fMRI and EEG studies.