Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijke Onderzoek (NWO)(External organisation)Jaivime Evaristo (Member)
Apr 2022 → …
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Apr 2022
Hydrological Processes (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Jan 2022


Journal of Hydrology (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Aug 2021
The nature and extent of bomb tritium remaining in deep soilsJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
28 Apr 2021
, EGU General Assembly 2021
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Mar 2021
Environmental Isotopes in the Critical Zone: transit times, bombs, peaks, and evolutionJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
8 Feb 2021
Swiss National Science Foundation (External organisation)Jaivime Evaristo (Member)
National Research and Development Agency (ANID)of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile (External organisation)Jaivime Evaristo (Member)


Water (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Nov 2020 → …
Nature Geoscience (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Nov 2020
Science of the Total Environment (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
19 Apr 2020
Sustainability (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Apr 2020
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Publisher)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
20 Mar 2020
Plant and Soil (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Feb 2020
Hydrological Processes (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Feb 2020
Environmental isotopes in the subsurface: bombs, peaks, and transit timesJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
31 Jan 2020
CSI: Curiosity Satiated with IsotopesJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
15 Jan 2020
Molecules (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Jan 2020
International Journal of River Basin Management (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)


Forests and WaterJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
14 Jun 2019
Forests and WaterJaivime Evaristo (Invited speaker)
29 Mar 2019
Ecohydrology (Journal)Jaivime Evaristo (Peer reviewer)
Jan 2019
Ecohydrology (Journal)J. Evaristo (Peer reviewer)


Northwest Agriculture and Forestry UniversityJ. Evaristo (Visiting researcher)
Jul 2018Jul 2021
Northwest Agriculture and Forestry UniversityJ. Evaristo (Visiting researcher)