Dr. J.C. (Joris) Verster

David de Wiedgebouw
Universiteitsweg 99
Kamer 2.64
3584 CG Utrecht

Dr. J.C. (Joris) Verster

Associate Professor
+31 30 253 6909

Ancillary activities:

Adjunct professor at Swinburne University, Centre for Mental Health and Brain Sciences, Melbourne, Australia

Founder/president of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group

Consultancy in CNS drug development. Over the past 3 years: has been scientific advisor/consultant for: Eisai, KNMP, Med Solutions, Red Bull, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, and Toast!.

In connection with the position:

Editorial Board Member of scientific journals: Sleep & Vigilance, and Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Member of the Bèta-Geo Ethics Committee (Utrecht University)