Jill Briggeman works as project manager for the ERC funded project ‘ARTECHNE: Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950: Concepts, Practices, Expertise’. In 2012, she graduated (cum laude) with a master’s degree in History of Society from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. For her thesis, she studied the reception, adaptation and dissemination of physiognomy in the Netherlands (1775-1830). After her studies, she worked as a researcher and project coordinator for various digital humanities and cultural history projects of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.

Technique in the Arts (1500-1950): Concepts, Practices, Expertise

The transmission of ‘technique’ in art has been a conspicuous ‘black box’ resisting analysis. Only in the most recent years, the history of science and technology has turned to how-to instructions as given in recipes. This project proposes to undertake the experimental reconstruction of historical recipes to finally open the black box of the transmission of technique in the visual and decorative arts. Considering ‘technique’ as a textual, material and social practice, this project will write a long-term history of the theory and practice of the study of ‘technique’ in the visual and decorative arts between 1500 and 1950. The three central research questions here are: (1) what is technique in the visual and decorative arts, (2) how is technique transmitted and studied, and (3) who is considered expert in technique, and why? This project integrates methodologies typical for the humanities and historical disciplines with laboratory work, and lays the historical foundations of the epistemologies of conservation, restoration and technical art history.

Funding: European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant

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