Dr. Ivan Pires de Vasconcelos

Earth Simulation Lab
Princetonlaan 4
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Ivan Pires de Vasconcelos

Experimental rock deformation

I am an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University. My research interests broadly revolve around wave & diffusion phenomena, inverse problems and imaging science: in particular seismic imaging, radar imaging for Earth and planetary studies, material science in imaging problems, and connections between geophysical and medical imaging. In terms of disciplines, my research has aspects in Geophysics, Inverse Problems, Imaging Science, Wave Physics & Acoustics, Applied Mathematics, Geophysical Computing, Rock Physics & Material Science.

With experience in conducting research in both industry and academic settings, I have contributed to scientific and commercial advances spanning seismic acquisition, seismic imaging, seismic interferometry, multicomponent seismology, seismic anisotropy, reservoir characterization, time-lapse seismology, seismic-while-drilling, electromagnetics, and rock physics.

In addition to research, I am heavily involved in scientific education and communication. With strong ongoing ties to academic institutions, I am active in both teaching and advising graduate students. Also, I have served the SEG both as an Assistant and Associate Editor for the journal Geophysics, and as a member of SEG's Continuing Education Committee.